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The Ultimate Re-Maxed Iceolation by Kieron Johnson and Mark Traversoni

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From his award-winning debut at the Edinburgh International Magic Festival, Kieron Johnson brings you his creation, which will simply blow you away. The ice man cometh with the evolution of To the Max and Ice Qube. Saturn Magic brings you THE ULTIMATE REMAXED ICEOLATION!

"Amazing, creative and new."
- Luke Jermay

This brand-new effect will fit perfectly into your close-up set, parlour, and stage routine. Think of your perfect kicker ending to one of your favorite routines, and then simply double it. Now you have THE ULTIMATE RE-MAXED ICEOLATION.

"It's modern-day TV Magic that happens in your hands."
- Ravi Mayar

This ultimate utility device adds another incredible layer of powerful magic to your routines. Imagine being able to load a card, prediction, credit card, room keys, bills, and much more into a solid block of ice that that fits inside your jacket pocket.

"Kieron has created a routine with an ending so impossible that no one will see it coming. A creative effect from a very creative magician. Love it."
- Lee Smith

This device has been thrilling audiences across the world, including on the golden beaches of Dubai in 40 degrees of heat. This device will Re-start, Re-invigorate, and Re-energize the way you look at magic.

"This is miracle magic that people never forget. Powerful reputation-making magic your audiences will go crazy for. You'll love performing this."
- Matt Colman

What's new in The Ultimate Version?

Since Saturn Magic purchased the rights to Re-Maxed Iceolation, Mark Traversoni has been working to improve the design.

This version works on the same principle as the original, but the ice is now much bigger (but overall taking up similar pocket space). And it is so simple to make.

You can see, in one of the images, the old and new ice next to each other.

Mark has completely redesigned the gimmick, making everything so much easier to do. This results in a much thicker and stronger block with longer travel times.

Extracting the ice using the old gimmick was tricky for some. With the new version, most of it just falls out of the mold with no or very little water.

The gimmick is from the UK and made from high quality materials.

With this version, your spectator will be hard pushed to snap the ice, so it is recommended to do it the way Kieron has been doing Re-Maxed for the last year or so -- by breaking the ice in a plastic bag.

Everything has been improved in the Ultimate Re-Maxed Iceolation, including the price, which is now half the price of the original!

You are provided with everything you need to start doing this except water, a cool bag for transport, cards, etc. We're sure you'll love the improvements!

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I Absolutely Love It! Report this review
Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on January 24th, 2020
I agree with the positive parts of everyone who has commented here so far. Read those. The 'card trick' on the video is great but I wouldn't use that, for this. There is a fundamental flaw in the thinking there in that, the spectator knows, you did 'something'. The card was 'here', I signed it and now it's there. "You did something!" The inventors only used this for demonstration but its still great! My own presentation suggests the unanticipated outcome of 3 groups of large (6 digit numbers) that come up randomly during the show. At the end of that demonstration of 'lightening math', I am able to pull out the ice, anytime, and show the audience (by use of a spectator) that there is something IN the ice, and she removes it by any of the methods shown on the video. (I like the little hammer, myself). The business card taken from the ice and it has 3 sets of large numbers (6-digits) on the back. These match the numbers previously put on a 'board' during a Math trick in which ANY set of numbers could have come up. So obviously, I somehow knew those numbers that would come up, and, froze them in the ice prior to the show. AMAZING! I might mention here, my method gives me 15 minutes to get the business card 'loaded' anytime I want to. No pressure at all (and it's not hard to do, even under pressure). The audience couldn't 'properly' re-engineer what I have just done. This is a great trick and as they tell you in the video, it's applications are indeed 'endless'. For some, it really may be a 'reputation maker' and if not, it's the one trick they remember.

Oddly, the signed card trick has worked well for me with children. (9 years old and up). They may know nothing about cards, but they know all the cards are different and they love signing one, and when they see that card in the ice, it's 'mind blowing' for them. Getting it out is about as exciting as it gets. EVERYBODY wants to 'whack it'). I share that but, I usually do this for adults, but not with cards. I like the 'prediction' notion for Adults. If you can anticipate where you are going today and what you are doing and who will be there, you can do this apparently, spontaneously. Just 'prepare' for it.

In my case, for a planned gig, I generally have up to several hours in which to 'pull it off'. If you realize that you aren't going to 'make it' to the gig, stop somebody and perform it. They will never forget you. You can do this for one person or 60.

I suggest doing some 'testing' with this so YOU don't get surprised somewhere. For myself in Texas, with help from the instructions, I use the transport method suggested on the video. I have a little different transport 'box' than shown, but that's a detail. I know now, this works for at least 3-4 hours of transport. Probably much longer. I usually need up to one hour of transport and probably another hour before 'the show'. I learned that before I needed it. At the show, once set, I have up to 1.5 hours for sure, from that method, in the pocket. So if they are eating dinner still, no problem. Or if they are eating dinner, wait 'a while' before setting up. I learned that before I needed it. I am sure about 1.5 hours, works for me, carrying it. I carry a back up trick for this should I have a 'miserable fail' but, in three trial efforts, that hasn't happened. That's been my experience and have had no problems. I can tell you once you have the pre-program protocol worked out as you prepare, and you know your limits, you can accommodate the weird stuff that happens, and the 'trick', is easy.

The protocol is easy. It has worked exactly as described but I had to check it several times on the video to be sure I was doing as instructed. This one is all about the 'preparation'. Once that's done calmly, on your own time, and you have tested your limits, the rest is easy. You won't have to practice this one for hours, but you want to be very sure your preparation is as they tell you to do it. There is nothing 'hard' about it. You only have to decide what it is you are going to do. I love it.
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Ice ice 👶 Report this review
Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on March 10th, 2018
Since I heard of this effect I have been wanting it, not disappointed at all. This is a straight up reputation maker. Big fan of this effect thank you listen. I would recommend if only if you want to do real magic.
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Well worth the money Report this review
Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on January 23rd, 2020
I received this as a Christmas present and its immediately gone into my repertoire, and is one of my most requested tricks now. Kierons handling and routine on this is great for beginners, but even better for workers, because you will already have a routine you can just tack this onto. Do yourself a favor and make as many ice blocks as you physically are able to fit in your freezer (for later performances). Slight negative but not enough to take a star off of ot, is pocket space. Obviously it will take up one full jacket pocket, but if you're buying this and want to perform it you probably wont mind. Additionally do yourself a favor and pick up some quart sized freezer/ziplock bags and sandwich sized ziplock bags (if you're in the US, not sure what the sizes would be in the UK). Kieron has a bunch of other ideas on his penguin live for this as well. With the reactions this get and how little people are performing this, its well worth the money!
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Very nice Report this review
Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on April 10th, 2017
It became one of my favourite magic tricks to perform, I would change a few things but overall is a fantastic idea.

I don't like the routine and the way they teach you to perform it so I created my own way to perform it which is more direct and easy but anyway I do recommend this trick
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