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Packet Tricks book

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Tricks with small packets of cards are very popular. Packets are easy to carry and provide some of the most impressive effects possible. Packet Tricks contains a batch of great tricks by well-known card men. 

One part of the book is devoted to tricks which can be done with cards removed from a regular deck of cards. The second part of the book describes tricks which require some sort of special cards. In some cases, the "special" may just be a duplicate card or a card with an odd back. A few routines require double faced cards or other unusual cards.

The book is intended as a companion book to the authorĀ»s book, Counts, Cuts, Moves and Subtlety. Anyone familiar with the various secret counts used in packet magic should be able to read Packet Trick and understand everything described in the book. Soft-bound and completely illustrated. 

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some nice tricks for what you pay for Report this review
Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on April 4th, 2010
(This review is for Packet Tricks book)
I'm a really big fan of Jerry Mentzer usually. I got his book "Counts, Cuts, Moves, And subtlety". It was a great book so I decided to get the sequel. Packet tricks. I can say that I was very dissapointed.

Cover and binding 2/5 The cover and binding were really bad. The paper that they used to make the cover is like creased up and kind of ripped in a way. it has like grooves in it and I personally did not like that. Then the binding. This is interesting. I got my copy, I read it all, I finished it and when I picked it up and opened it again, The whole book fell apart! So now I have 2 pieces of this. A cover piece, And the inside material. I'm not sure how I plan on fixing this. Just a terrible start

Impromptu tricks 3/5 I would give the more impromptu tricks a better review, Although they mostly consisted of tricks involving a royal flush hand and/or aces. There are some neat ideas in this book. But I personally would not use any of them. The author assumes you dont want to do these with setup so he teaches them all with no setup and how to set up the deck durring the trick. That was pretty cool.

Special tricks 2/5 I did not really like these special card tricks. They envolved weird cards like cards with odd backs and stuff like that. They were all requiring you to have this really thick packet of cards that is not practical in real world situations. I was not a fan, But I learned some new subtlety and even a few sleights

The Teaching 1/5 I hated the teaching throughout this book. All the typing was small and everything was clumped together with like 30 steps each and you lost your position easily throughout this. It was hard to follow along because the pictures are always like 2 pages after the one you are on so you needed to go looking for them constantly.

The photographs 4/5 I think that the only thing he could not have messed up on this book was the pictures. Well he managed to. They were all blurry and had these strange glares in them and they were black and white and sometimes hard to understand.

Overall I would have to say, Stay away from this book. It was very frustrating to do. The tricks don't make any sense and require these big stacks of cards. There is maybe 1 trick that I would ever consider using or even playing with. It was poorly done. Not Jerry's best material. I'm hoping to get his newer book which will hopefully be better than this one. I loved counts cuts moves and subtlety and thought this would be better but I was wrong.
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Naaah, not good Report this review
Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on April 5th, 2010
(This review is for Packet Tricks book)
Naaah. I REALLY didn't feel this book. But speaking of feel, this book had the most significant cover. It has a ridgy feel and the paper stock is very thick. One problem about this is the binding is awful! The pages are glued together and to the cover and back cover, and if you open it up a little too far, it starts to peel open and tear.

The material inside is a little less than average. Some of it uses special faced cards, some use double backed etc. There are a few that use specially cut or treated cards. Even some that use just plain cards from a deck that you can take right from the pack and begin performing. I like how much variety is in here.

The typing is pretty clear, but still not great. There were a lot of parts that made me have to go back and keep reading over and over again. When I finally got through those parts, I found that it was a simple 2 second action that sometimes isn't even required.

I think for such an old book (1982, you decide) the photographs COULD be a little clearer. Everything is dark and it's against a dark background so his fingers, the cards, and everything else is very dark and sometimes hard to understand. And there is also a glare in almost every picture which got kind of irritating, but that's just me.

I would really just have to give this a generous 3/5. I wasn't able to modify anything and for the work, some of these aren't very good. You might like this if you are REALLY into packet tricks, but not really a great book. I don't recommend it.
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