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Bammo Dekronomicon by Bob Farmer

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The Holy Grail of Any Card at Any Number discovered at last!


  • A spectator THINKS of a card, but does not reveal its identity. He doesn't write it down, cut to it or take it from the deck -- he never touches the deck, just gazes at it to form an image in his head. He is the only person in the universe who knows the card.
  • A second spectator THINKS of any number from 1 to 52, but says nothing, writes nothing. He is the only person in the universe who knows the number.
  • The deck is spread face down on the table. The magician knows neither the card nor the number at this point and he never touches the deck again.
  • BEFORE the first spectator reveals his card, the second spectator reveals his number and he -- not the magician -- counts over to that point in the deck (he can count from either end of the spread -- his choice, no force).
  • ONLY AFTER this has been done -- ONLY AFTER the count has finished -- does the first guy reveal the name of his card. The card at the selected position is turned over by the spectator -- IT IS THE THOUGHT CARD! The next card is shown -- an indifferent card - any other number would have ended in failure.
  • No sleights. You don't switch the card counted to for the thought card. The spectators can do the counting and turn over the card.
  • No bizarre calculations or formulas to learn. Do the trick 30 minutes after assembling the props - it's that simple.
  • The deck is spread on the table BEFORE the number and the card are named.
  • The magician never touches the cards after he spreads them on the table.
  • Use any cards you want. No specially printed cards required.
  • It is not the same card and number every time (you could perform this hundreds of times and have a different number and card every time).
  • The magician learns the name of the card and the number at the same time as the audience. No particular card or number is forced.
  • No rough and smooth, no short cards, no cards stuck together. No stooges. No assistants. Resets instantly.
  • No special clothing! Do it in a t-shirt, jeans and sneakers (as Bob Farmer does). Works for any conditions: close-up, stage, standing, sitting, begging. Walk-around and no table? One spectator can count the cards into the other spectator's hands. Do it surrounded there are no angles.
  • It really is as described. As purchasers of Bob Farmer's other effects know, the description of the effect is the effect you get - and the method is always diabolical.
  • Bonus Effect: Also included is a brand new deception strategy that can be used in many other effects. Additional notes & observations by David Britland, Matt Field, Pat Page, Ross Johnson & Quentin Reynolds.  
  • Rave reviews from people who know like Matt Field, Ross Johnson, Barrie Richardson and Richard Kaufman. Here's an unsolicited email from a happy purchaser: "Hi Bob, Just wanted to let you know that I've been performing the Bammo Dekronomicon over the last few weeks and it is absolutely killing. Brilliant sir!" - M.R.
You get the 16 page manuscript and full instructions on how to construct the secret and mysterious inner workings. NOTE: No Cards are included.

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NOT the Holy Grail of ACAAN, imho Report this review
Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on January 15th, 2017
(This review is for Bammo Dekronomicon by Bob Farmer)
Everything in the advertising is true. It is what is left out that is disappointing. I have no doubt the effect is devastating, but frankly it would have to be a very, VERY special occasion for me to assemble and perform this.

First of all you have to buy (at current best prices here at Penguin) about $30.00 of special cards, so expect to pay more than the seemingly bargain price of $15.00.

Next, you have a fairly intensive one time set up process of 4 decks of cards, including (for subsequent ease of use, though stated as not required) marking 3 of the decks. Corner shorting is encouraged as an alternative as well. Ouch. A potential source for a corner short cutter is provided, price not provided. You gotta want it!

To perform you need enough pocket space to have one deck in use and three on you and be ready to perform a deck switch.

Limited, well-constructed fishing is required.

The second version that is taught uses just one non-examinable deck switched in for a normal deck previously in play. This version requires that you really have your wits about you and an equivoque is required.

Mentioned, but not described is something called, "The Bammo Invertolator" from "The Bammo Card Walloper." If as I, you don't have this and want to use it, whatever it is, you will have to buy that as well.

On the good side, I learned a lot from the excellent, clear well written instructions and from the crediting provided. To me, the techniques taught, including something new called the, "Equivoquod," were very interesting from an academic point of view.

Clearly better magicians than I, including the late Tim Conover, Juan Tamariz, Stephen Minch, Michael Weber, David Britland, David Regal and Pat Page have found this to be of value and made valuable contributions.

I don't completely regret this purchase as I learned several things. I am disappointed that the above info wasn't explicitly stated. I had hoped to work on this for a reasonable period and put it to use fairly quickly. Not gonna happen.

You could have a lot of fun with this if you're willing to spend the time and money. Other solutions are available. YMMV.
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Save your money! Report this review
Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on March 25th, 2020
(This review is for Bammo Dekronomicon by Bob Farmer)
I'm sorry Penguin, I can't keep quiet any more. I'm not a professional, but I'm not a bad "magician" ... but ... I don't get this product! I've owned it for over 5 years. I've purchased the 3 regular decks and the 4 one way force decks. I've put it all together, read all of the instructions time and time again, practiced and practiced and practiced again. I stick in the closet and bring it back out after a year or so and try again. No deal! I try again later .. no deal! I still don't get it. Most of the time it spends in the dark at the back of the closet. I quit! I put the 7 decks back to their original condition and shredded the instructions. Harsh? You bet. This may even get me excluded from any further purchases from Penguin Magic, but I hope not. End of rant!
1 of 1 magicians found this helpful.
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