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Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on September 13th, 2022
This is lit, best Regal effect since Regal Ring Chain!

Haven’t received mine yet, but i assumed i knew the method and even then i was happy and willing to pay.

Just watched the tutorial, this is lit and better than the method i had been expecting. (I had been expecting a m***ed deck + br*****ve deck) but i was wrong!

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Sep 14th 2022 4:05pm
Are you able to repeat the trick to the same audience?

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Sep 15th 2022 3:10pm
How can you give 5 stars when you haven't yet received your purchase of Flight of Fancy??

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Sep 15th 2022 3:44pm
This looks really good. Obviously I don't have it (yet) but it is my kind of trick. I hate it though when the magician seems to be more excited than the spectators. "Yeah baby!!!" looks and sounds stupid. Especially from David Regal

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Sep 15th 2022 4:10pm
This looks really good but I'm guessing it is always the same card. Not sure why they say you get 2 gimmick decks.I might be wrong but it's always the same red back card in a blue deck. The way David is spreading it looks like R/S.Lets hope someone who actually has the trick offers up a review

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Sep 15th 2022 4:30pm
I always look in the effect description of what is says and doesn't say. It does not say that it is "instantly repeatable" for example. Hmmm. Doesn't make it a bad trick, but it does reduce my favorable impression as to adding it to my personal routine. BTW, who is "Shiiiiiiiit" anyway?

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Sep 15th 2022 4:35pm
Magicman52, I agree with you about the method for the second deck. If that's the case (it clearly is based on the video) then it must be a free choice of card. If it was the same card every time, you'd only need one red card planted in a regular blue deck.
I have a couple of good ideas about the red deck too. I'm going to buy this because it's cool and I like David. Though I prefer his previous style. This loud, bing, bam, boom approach is wrong for the trick. There should be suspense and tension, not flash. Great effect though.

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Sep 16th 2022 6:00am
Saw this the other day and recognised the trick name. If you are a fan of Regal's work you may already have this trick! It's on one of his dvds and in one of his books. It's a fantastic trick. I watched the Dvd last night so may be able to answer questions? It's not always the same chosen card every time. David has maybe updated the trick since the Dvd.

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Sep 16th 2022 10:04am
David wastes no time with the tutorial, and why would you want to repeat the “same tricks” to your audience? I mean you could do that with this certain effect, but why???!

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Sep 16th 2022 12:21pm
Hey magicman0000, can you share the name of the trick from David's books (or just the page number)? First thing I did when I saw this is search my copies of Approaching Magic and Interpreting Magic to see if I could find "Flight of Fancy." I didn't consider it might be under a different name. Thanks.

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Sep 16th 2022 2:42pm
yragnnah- He can give 5 stars even though he didn't receive the trick yet because once you purchase it, you get an instant download that reveals the trick and walks you through it step-by-step. If he purchased it, he knows how to do it and knows what to expect. At that point, he could definitely give a rating.

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Sep 16th 2022 5:44pm
Hi magickbox, it's in his book Close up & Personal

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Sep 17th 2022 5:02am
Easy to reverse engineer and I have some Dullcote in my garage.....:)

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Sep 17th 2022 5:33pm
Thanks magicman0000!

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Sep 17th 2022 11:55pm
For those wondering, this item is from Regal's book "Close Up & Personal" and can be assembled from 3 decks and some product from Mr. Robson.

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Sep 17th 2022 11:56pm
And also for those wondering, the selection is not always the same card. It is one of 26. So the effect can be repeated.

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Sep 21st 2022 4:49pm
Hi All -

Sorry, I should have commented earlier. As someone pointed out, yes, it can be a different card each time. There is a reset, but it's pretty easy.

As for other stuff, we all look at things in different ways and I am the first to admit I am pig-headed at this point! That said, I kind of love this trick. What I love most about it is something that seems small: the Order of Events. It turns out that the Order of Events is part of what makes this routine seem magical. I learned this only after-the-fact, when I started performing it. There are many transportations one can do, and I've done them, but this one delivered a different sensation, due to the Order of Events: 1) A card is selected from the red-backed deck. 2) A moment of magical effort. 3) A red backer is shown to have arrived in the blue deck. 4) Without the selected card being named, it is shown to have vanished from the red deck. 5) The spectator holds onto the red-backer that arrived in the blue deck, names their free selection and turns it over. That sequence, I realized, was a "magic equation."

As for my performance in the demo that I recorded some time back I agree with the opinions expressed, I should've calmed the %$^ down. I've matured, but it seems to have taken forever!

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Sep 26th 2022 1:58am
I understand the need to show it performed in a genuine environment, with genuine (sometimes fairly rude) spectators. Respect David and Penguin for putting up the trailers they did as they don't show it performed to the best of reactions. That said, I'd like to see a performance of it somewhere where you can see and hear the nuances of performance a little more clearly.

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Sep 27th 2022 11:07am
I took a look at the trailer and was wondering (hopefully without being too obvious to give anything away):

Does it involve R/S, counting, long sided gaff cards?

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Oct 01st 2022 2:39am
Wangkevinwyq - I'd recommend purchasing a copy of Close-up and Personal. Full of brilliant stuff, so good it's being re-released 23 years later. The entire Flight of Fancy routine is there and you'll probably spend less than buying this trick alone.

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Oct 19th 2022 11:59pm
It is a lot of money for a card trick like that , To me, the blue deck can be a reverse brain wave deck of 26 cards and the red deck can be a marked deck, If it is I am old and eyes or not that good so if it is a marked deck I would not be able to do that and that's why I do not want to change 50.00.

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Oct 21st 2022 8:57am
No question this is very over-priced. It's a good trick, but if you buy Close-Up and Personal you get this plus incredible R&S classics (previously marketed) like the Deja Vu Deck and my personal favourite Triple Vision, for about the same price. It's sad Penguin et al make so much dollar out of the fact nobody reads anymore.

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