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Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on October 7th, 2012
Let me first start off by saying, Oz Pearlman is probually my favorate magician of all time, I meen if it wasn't for him and penguin, I'd still be a beginner using spelling tricks and key cards, "Born To Perform" was my absolute start to becoming a successful card magician, I memorized every single sleight and word, which is why I could not believe how bad this was,

I actually purchaced this DVD Many years ago but I was in no way shape or form skilled enough to do the tricks, so I kind of put it in a drawer and forgot about it while I continued my training,

Now I am a deck illusionist at a professional level, name a card trick or sleight and Odds are I Know it and or can do it, and while cleaning out some stuff I came across the DVD, I completely forgot I had it, I just got done watching it again a few minutes ago and after doing so, It's sad to say but their is not one single effect on it I will ever perform,

They are tricks that are overly complicated for something that is just not that impressive, Even though after years of training I am able to do every effect, I'm never going to, I can't stress that enough

Also Oz had a different way about himself on this DVD Than he usually does, To me he seemed almost angry during the explanations, and he wasn't as clear on them as he usually is,

Like I said though I have nothing but respect for Mr. Pearlman, almost everything I know I've learned from either him or Jay Noblezada, (Not to exclude Penguin of coarse) I just felt this DVD was a rare miss,

If your looking to get into magic I recommend "Born To Perform"

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Dec 01st 2017 6:36pm
What spelling tricks do you do? Just curious since you misspelled about 43 words in your review.

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Dec 18th 2017 8:14am
Could you highlight those 43 words please as I can't find as many as you.

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Jul 27th 2018 11:48am
I noticed that too. Can't go bragging about your spelling effects when your review is fraught with misspelled words.
43 of them is quite the exaggeration, but still, it's quite bad.

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Dec 01st 2018 1:31am
He is not bragging about the spelling tricks. He says he would still do them had there not been "Born to Perform." So yes, you can pick on the spelling or just understand the message of the review: This is not a DVD of the quality Oz Pearlman and Penguin usually deliver.

Besides, with mobile phones and their tiny touch keyboards I have a feeling that speeling in general has deteriorated.

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Jul 14th 2019 9:11pm
I'm so tired of that weak excuse in 2019.
I'm dyslexic, and grew up with learning disabilities, and even I don't have these problems.
Our phones do NOT make spelling more difficult(they actually spell words FOR us).
And if anyone who's used technology on the daily in the last ten years hasn't noticed the difference between their incorrect spelling vs. the correctly spelled words they see on a regular basis, they're flat out willfully ignorant.
If one is intelligent enough to learn difficult card sleights, they can learn how to spell the most basic of words.

The only reasonable excuse would be if English is a second language.
And if you can't see why this frustrates some people to the point of voicing said frustration, then you are wearing blinders.

I don't say these things to anger people, but to open their eyes.
So many of us allow ourselves to drown in willful ignorance out of pure laziness. I'm guilty of it, we all are. But when it literally shows in the things you do, it's time to pay attention and take control. It's not a bad thing to own up to ones mistakes and correct them. It's one of the best things a person can do for themselves.

Opinions are everywhere.
We all have the right to voice our own.
And mine is that intelligent people are allowing ignorance into their lives at record numbers, and I'd love to see that change.

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