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> Seattle 2015 LIVE MAGIC EXPO: Sunday, June 14th

Live EXPO, a lot of pluses but a few minuses too Report this review
Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on June 17th, 2015
Did the SEATTLE EXPO last Sunday and had a great time. Lots of action at the booths, but Brent, Mark, Paul, and Chris were fantastic as lecturers, with a more than just demonstration presentations - each had bits and byplay beyond the bottom line. Frankly, I feel it takes that kind of interaction to more fully understand an effect's potential versus a one shot video demo.

Each presenter was allowed 3 effects. Mark Mason demo-ed: No-Tear 2, and the brand new Under Wraps and Block Buster, each with his signature audience byplay.

Paul Richards presented iBalance, Huego, and his supplemental handling of Johnny Wong's Double Face Super Triple Coin. Each, as well as everything else from Paul since he sold Elmwood, is only available via live events, so another big plus for attending the EXPO.

Chris Smith demo-ed his MagicSmith products: Ignition, as well as showing how Big Bang and Lightning could work well together in addition to each as a separate effect.

Brent Braun presented Sticky Situation, Bill Breaker, and Psypher, each with a special emphasis on the situational switches that make the effects outstanding.

In my opinion though, the following detracted from the experience:
Penguin provides a Watch/Learn/Discuss forum for products bought through the web-site, however, there does not appear to be any mechanism to join those forums if you "Buy Live."

You are not quite sure who you will get. I know Penguin/Brent can't fully control people's schedules and availability, but several of the attendees I knew mentioned they were expecting some other vendors.

I know a friend has already mentioned it in a Facebook post, but I will reiterate; not a single book on any aspect of magic was amongst the various offerings. Not necessarily the vendor's fault, but a sad statement on the state of the art

There was no representation of local clubs and other organizations. There were a lot of people present who we have never seen at a meeting, convention, lecture or other event in the area. Now that IBM is a sponsor of the EXPOs, perhaps a corner could be provided for local clubs to allow an transition opportunity for some of these "internet magicians" to build live networks.

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Jun 18th 2015 2:51pm
Take away one of the minuses - Penguin has offered to include the items in the "My Penguin Magic" of my account, so I can have access to the discussion groups

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Jun 25th 2015 1:18pm
Hi Ron! Glad to hear you had a good time! If you did purchase anything from the Penguin booth please do let us know so we can give you access to any PO discussions and bonus videos!

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Jul 02nd 2015 10:00am
Will Penguin and/or other vendors be offering books at the Alexandria, VA Expo this November?

Also, are credit cards accepted? There is no mention of payment methods for purchases at the Expos. Some of us would rather not carry large amounts of cash. Thank you.

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Jul 08th 2015 9:14am
Yes all the vendors will be accepting credit cards at the Expos.
As far as books it's just hard to travel with books for a single day event. Shipping books is very expensive and if they don't sell they have to be shipped back to the warehouse. We have had some local shops bring books to a few of the events but that is all city and region specific.

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