Create fireballs from nowhere. Built into an ordinary-looking marker.

> Marker by William Houcke and Arteco Productions

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Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on December 29th, 2015
I didn't read the description properly so this is partly my fault because it does say the instructions are in French but easy to understand. That doesn't make sense if you can't speak French. I speak a little French but not enough to follow the instructions. Yes, it's simple to use and watching the videos tells you enough to understand how it works, but what about the clear up? How do get rid of the tell tale signs of the method? I'm sure this is explained but in French!
Perhaps this is worth more stars but without further details you can't let the spectator touch the card so it loses some of the wow because that's the first thing people want to do.
I don't like making a purchase where you need to work out the finer details because this makes it incomplete. I payed for a magic trick, including instructions, not just the gimmick.

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Jan 20th 2016 1:00am
It pretty clearly states that it's in French, so not really their fault. Secondly it's such a simple trick that understanding French isn't necessary at all to be able to perform the effect. I can't understand a lick and had no problem. The effect itself is very clever and much more than 3 stars though they don't show how to do the effect I like the most and I had to figure it out on my own so that was s minor ding.

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Feb 04th 2016 4:16am
Where's your review Slackerking? Most customers review it rather than attempt to criticise other reviewers. I posted an honest review and stand by the 3 stars. I am a performing magician and this trick is incomplete so nobody should be giving 5 stars unless they are trying to help market it.

You say you can't understand a lick. I don't understand what you're licking? You are obviously much smarter than me so please feel free to let me know how the clear up is done and also why it's worth more than 3 stars when you say the effect you like the most wasn't taught and you had to figure it out? Oh, and what's a minor ding?

One last thing.........If you're a genuine customer, why the made up name? Read my review again and you'll see I partly take blame, otherwise I would have given it one star.

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