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Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on December 2nd, 2017
I bought the monthly subscription and it's a waste of money. His effects are weak. Hypnosis not that it's real but he barely gets into his methods. His tricks and sleight of hand were that of a beginner. He finished after like five routines and that bullshitted on the couch with dan for an hr and a half. Penguin let's do better than this. Hey Gary Kurtz or guy Hollingsworth or Chad long to lecture about his eight tricks. At least they would be more entertaining. Zero stars if I could.

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Dec 13th 2017 2:59pm
Hey there. I’m curious as to what you thought was bullshit. Care to elaborate?
Remember, this isn’t a hypnosis lecture, that is why I didn’t go in depth with the methods. And if you don’t think hypnosis is real, why do you care enough to mention it?

Do not mistake beginner with simplicity. I could have filled this lecture with knuckle busting sleights, but most mentalists, even most magicians prefer a simpler method over a more difficult one. Especially when the end result is the same. Why make it more difficult for yourself?

You’re complaining about it being that of a beginner, but I detect “beginner” in your writing. Anyone with any real world experience would be able to recognise the value here, and obviously you cannot.

If people don’t like the lecture, that’s fine, there are lectures I don’t like either. But if you don’t like my effects, ideas, routines, thinking, methods or performance style, then of course watching my lecture would be a waste of money. You wouldn’t walk into a book store and buy a handful of books that you’re not interested in, then complain that you didn’t like them, would you?

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