Calendar by Rick Lax People believe you're really psychic when you guess their birthday with this MIRACLE. LIMITED SUPPLY OF FIRST PRINTING. ORDER TODAY AND GET TWO GIMMICKS & FREE SHIPPING.
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Astronomical by Peter Turner (Instant Download) Incredibly powerful anytime, anywhere mind-reading. No props, and nothing written down. START LEARNING INSTANTLY AND SAVE.
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Peter Turner LIVE (Instant Download) One of the most unique thinking mentalists in the world came to Penguin for a mind-expanding 3-hour live seminar. SUPPORT LIVE MAGIC. DOWNLOAD THE FULL LECTURE TODAY.
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ZAG: Zodiac Age Guess presented by Tori Noquez (Instant Download) As a magician AND professor of mathematics, Tori is the perfect teacher for this propless miracle. START LEARNING INSTANTLY.
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Star Sign Divination (Vol 9) by Peter Turner eBook DOWNLOAD This is Volume 9 of Peter Turner's Mentalism Masterclass and this volume is about star sign divination. Peter Turner teaches you different methods to do the cleanest Star Sign Divination that you can imagine. The teaching is crystal clear no stones left unturned. In this eBook, you will find methods
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4 Volume Set (Numbers, Psychological Forces, Character Building and Storytelling and Star Sign Divination) by Peter Turner eBook DOWNLOAD This is a four volume set of Peter Turner's Mentalism Master Class. This set includes volumes 6, 7, 8, and 9. The 6th Volume of Peter Turner's Mentalism Masterclass is about numbers. This is the only volume where Peter talks about his feelings and thoughts during the creation procedure so you have a
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Paz by Adrien Lochon and Fraser Parker eBook DOWNLOAD Paz is from the creative minds of Adrien Lochon and Fraser, and is an ingenious way of divining the star sign of a spectator whom you have only just met. They simply tell you which areas of their life they would like you to focus on during their reading; Involving Past, Present and Future aspects of
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Ascension by Joshua Quinn An EXCEPTIONALLY clean and direct means of divining a zodiac sign while giving an IMPOSSIBLY precise character reading!
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Zodiac by Dee Christopher (Instant Download) The most effective and deceptive method of gaining a participants personal information!
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Zodiac by Chris Ballinger - Trick Zodiac by Chris Ballinger is not just a trick, but a complete system for creating a lasting impression on your audience.The Effect:The performer shows a pile of cards depicting the signs of the Zodiac. A spectator is asked to cut the cards and the remainder is used to make a circular calendar. The s
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Astrological Signs trick Know Your Spectator's Zodiac Sign and Date of Birth!The performer hands a spectator a small notebook which contains all the signs of the Zodiac. The spectator secretly finds his astrological sign and writes down his name. Despite the fact that the performer never sees the spectator's sign, and witho
Out of stock. $25.00 $18.75
Astrolingua trick/book Phanthomas ...just pure mindreading! Inspired by Ray Grismer's "What's my sign," (a routine in which the magician is successfully able to guess the zodiac sign of an onlooker after a few questions) Phantomas has created another practical version of the "Progressive Anagram."Very easy to remember. After a littl
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Astrological Sign by Eduardo Kozuch and Vernet Magic - Trick Divine the astrological sign and day of birth of anyone in secondsYou NEVER ask a question.You NEVER touch the astrological book.It uses a mind-blowing new method.It fits in your pocket.It's always ready.No anagrams.You can repeat it immediately.Bilingual: English and Spanish.You can carry it in you
Out of stock. $25.00 $20.00
Ultimate Propless Star Sign by Fraser Parker - Book Fraser shares his ULTIMATE solution to the prop-less star sign divination.EVEN if you own other star sign guesses from Fraser and his friends, you NEED this!Fraser says it is his last word on this particular plot and doubts he will be able to improve on it.He intended on NEVER releasing this latest
Out of stock. $40.50 $31.59
The Sign by Liam Montier - DVD Inspired by Nick Trost and Peter Nardi, The Sign is Liam Montier's Star Sign Revelation. It's difficult to imagine a more direct method for revealing this personal information about any spectator you meet! There're no anagrams, memory work (you don't even need to know anything about the signs!), no
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