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SOCKS by Michel Huot A fresh fooling trick unlike anything you've seen before. A true reputation-maker, your audiences will never forget it. ORDER TODAY AND GET FREE SHIPPING.
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"SOCKS is a fun, interactive routine with a killer surprise ending they won't forget!"
- Richard Sanders

"Michel Huot's SOCKS knocked mine right off my feet! So clever and simple with a fun and organically visual payoff, this piece will play just as strongly in a corporate strolling environment as it will in a casual private party. Michel's performance and explanation made me smile from start to finish. Just great!"
- Francis Menotti

"SOCKS knocks my socks off. It's funny, mysterious, and not at all difficult. I will use it, so will you."
- Marc Salem

"SOCKS is unique and super strong. It is so rare to have something that combines magic, comedy and surprise in such a powerful way for the close-up/parlor performer. This is going right into my repertoire!"
- Marc Desouza

Michel Huot's SOCKS is the most attention-grabbing, fun piece of mentalism we've released in years. SOCKS is simple and strong in premise: you display two packets of cards with different sock designs on each one. You explain the premise: the spectator will choose two socks, and you hope that the spectator can find the only perfect match. Turning them over, two at a time, you show that each pair is mismatched. When the spectator says stop, you place their selections to the side, face down. See where this is going? Well, it's not what you think.

The spectator turns over the two chosen socks to reveal they do NOT match at all: yellow stars on one sock and purple stripes on the other. But you then lift up your pant cuffs to reveal that YOU ARE WEARING THE EXACT SOCKS THAT THEY CHOSE. This hits people hard and comes as a complete surprise. It's not a card or coin or rope trick, either. It's a mentalism piece with an article of clothing, and something everyone can relate to.

For the finale, you snap your fingers, and show that every single pair of socks is now a perfect match!

SOCKS comes with everything you need, including the socks, specially printed cards, and a gorgeous wallet to carry them in. It's easy to do and takes up virtually no pocket space. It is an IDEAL opener for walk-around performers.

We've even included a BONUS effect in which you predict a chosen card on the bottom of the socks you're wearing. The socks and the specially printed cards are high quality and built to last thousands of performances.

SOCKS comes with everything you need, including the socks, specially printed cards and a gorgeous wallet to carry them in. It's easy to do and takes up virtually no pocket space. It is an IDEAL opener for walk-around performers.

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Bit O Reality Report this review
Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on August 8th, 2019
Ok I’m going to go ahead and be the bad guy here. I love this effect and great value for money...however...keep in mind that the video shows the best case force. By this I mean that performance is not 100%, which to me is fine but the promo doesn’t seem transparent about it. If it was 100% this would be more expensive. Again really good value for money but I don’t want folks to be disappointed, such will lead to bad reviews and in this day and age that will kill sales anyway.

Truthfully if you do t know how to work a t**** f**** this is practically worth it just for that.
8 of 8 magicians found this helpful.
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Plays Huge Report this review
Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on August 15th, 2019
Okay, the f**** takes some real world practice to read a spectator and know how to make the time seem right, but it's easy to get good at it quickly. Furthermore, Michel is SO right re equivoque when he says, "don't worry, it's YOUR show." The specs have no idea what's coming - they barely grasp that they might get a match. It just seems like a big mess of cards, just like the washing machine, and they end up somehow picking two. You're way ahead just by having cards with socks on them. So, don't worry about foolproof - if you need that, you're failing to sell the fun of the effect. The socks just blow everything else away. Also, the kicker DOES kick, even if it shouldn't. The whole thing plays huge with the right spectator.

The bad? If you have a 10.5" D foot like I do, good luck with these small socks. Mine will be destroyed in no time, wrestling them onto my big feet. But, so it goes. Great, fun magic trick. Very glad I bought it!
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