Nick's Top Ten Mind-Reading Tricks

In order to read minds you have to be psychic, or you can just check out this list! Nick Locapo breaks down his Top 10 Mind Reading magic tricks, products, and resources. Take notes! This is an in depth dive into all things mind reading according to a working pro, Nick Locapo.

10. Center Tear

Acidus Novus by Millard Longman - THE underground mind-reading secret used by professionals, finally taught on video. Learn to read what's written INSIDE a folded piece of paper.

Think Pink DELUXE by Ran Pink and Chad Long - Used by pro mind-readers around the world. Everything you need to read minds anywhere you go.

Bill Abbott LIVE - Lecture of the Year Winner 2022

9. Penguin LIVE

Marc Paul LIVE

Richard Osterlind LIVE 2

Christopher Carter LIVE

Bob Cassidy LIVE

Max Maven LIVE

Docc Hilford LIVE

Jan Forster LIVE

8. Card Reveals

52 Stunner by Juan Capilla - They think of any card, and you reveal it without any sleight of hand.

Divine and Conquer by Leo Reed - The most convincing demonstration of mind-reading with a deck of cards we've ever seen. Two thought-of cards are found in 2 impossible ways.

Marked Cards - The most clearly marked deck in the world, and affordable BY DESIGN so you can treat them like NORMAL CARDS.

SNAPS by David Jonathan & Dan Harlan - A game-changer. Read minds like never before with 2 photo decks full of hidden meanings, secretly marked and tons of original routines.

MindBlox by Craig Petty - A world of information is hidden on the back of these innocent-looking cards that will turn you into an incredible mind reader.

Poker Face by Bill Abbott - Read the minds of five audience members at the same time! Each one freely peeks at a card and remembers it. Then one by one you reveal them correctly!

7. Novelty

Light Year by Kyle Purnell - A revolutionary invention. Sci-fi mind-reading tiles that can reveal a thought-of number using light!

Real Viewer by Mandy Roth - People fight over who gets to volunteer for this trick. It's that fun. And the method is so diabolical, they also fight about how you could have done it. The best part? It's easy!

Mental Block by Dan Harlan - The best mind-reading block trick for pros. The props look so innocent, and make storytelling easier than ever before.

6. Book Test

My Word by Dan Harlan - They turn to ANY page and think of a word. You know it without ANY mistakes! Professional caliber mind-reading with a PERFECTLY ordinary looking book.

Osterlind's 13 Steps 5: Book Tests by Richard Osterlind - This unprecedented master-class will expand your brain, and teach you the mind-reading secrets of a true master.

5. Drawing Duplication

Drawn Again by Danny Archer - Walk up to anyone and read their mind with only a pen and some business cards! Huge reactions and super easy to do.

Zoltar by Shaun Dunn presented by Lewis Le Val - A bullet-proof, fool-proof, self-working, impromptu TWO PHASE divination + mind-reading miracle you will SWEAR BY.

REPLICATE by Chris Rawlins - One of the purest forms of mind-reading, now has a method to match. You'll want to add this to your act immediately.

Dark Arts by Matt Mello presented by Matthew Johnson - You won't find a more powerful and EASIER way to read minds. You're going to fall in love with the method.

4. Peek Wallet

Razor Wallet by Dee Christopher - A devious secret weapon that's on you all the time -- use it as your every-day wallet! The best modern peek wallet we've ever seen.

Blind Man's Wallet by Menny Lindenfeld - The most anticipated trick of the year. Read what's written on FOLDED pieces of paper. A game-changing new device.

3. All Seeing Eye by Dan Harlan

A mind-reading masterpiece you can do anytime anywhere.

2. Name and Place by Bob Cassidy

A signature multi-phase mind-reading MASTERPIECE from a living legend of mentalism.

1. Psypher PRO by Robert Smith

The greatest mind-reading device ever. Portable, easy to use, and DEVASTATING.

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