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How to get the lowest prices at Penguin

You probably already know we work hard everyday to give you the best prices, customer service and shipping at Penguin.

But did you know we match prices -- even members only promotions and special SALE prices??

If you see a lower price at a reputable competing magic shop, just let us know before your order ships. We will match it without hesitation.

How? 3 easy steps:

Step 1: Place your order as usual at

Step 2: Email us a copy of the promotion or sale flyer you want us to match along with your order's unique ID to

Step 3: Relax with a tall iced tea.

Ok, so there's really only one extra step -- it's EASY ;)

We work hard every day to keep our prices the lowest around, so if you see a lower price (even in a sale) just let us know.

Here are the (mostly common sense) details:

1. Price match requests must be made AFTER you place your order, but BEFORE your order ships.

2. Price match must be for a reputable shop. Magic is a small community, we know who they are.

3. No other discounts may be applied if a price match is requested.

4. If the shop you're matching doesn't offer free shipping, and you're choosing free shipping on your Penguin order, we need to add our cost for the shipping to your price match discount.

  • For example: If you see something for $12 less at another shop's site, but first class mail cost us $3.42, your total money back would be $8.58
  • If instead you chose to pay for your shipping, you'd get the full $12.
  • Similarly, if the site you're asking us to match does offer free shipping, you'd get the full $12.
  • And in case you were wondering, our shipping costs are not padded at all, it's just exactly what we paid the courier.

5. Unless it's obvious they're identical, we can't match generic products like "Red silk" without a brand name. There can be HUGE differences between different brands, on both price AND quality.

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