Take a mysterious object, imbue it with mind-reading powers, and then... https://t.co/bj4sb..

Box of Fear by Andrew Melia (Spider on Hand Prank) (6 Spiders + Download) Get the BIGGEST reactions and the MOST laughs. Scare EVERYONE around you. SECRET SUPPLIES INCLUDED. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.
In stock. $4.95
download prank rahat scary spider street-magic
Hand Flasher by Loftus - Trick A STARTLING STAGE PROP!A GREAT GAG!Produce sparks from your finger tips. No batteries, easy wind-up action!
In stock. $4.87
gag gift prank
Hypo Phony by Fun Inc. PRETEND TO: Give a shot to yourself.Inject blood into an anemic friend.Draw blood out of a turnip, steak, etc.
In stock. $3.75
prank cyber-monday-2017
Whoops by Fun Inc. - Trick Great fun at home, parties and the office!The most disgusting laff getter!Perfect for the... Bathroom Refrigerator Auto Seat SidewalkSprinkle with water to make it look more realistic.
In stock. $2.25
prank cyber-monday-2017
Felt Tip Surprise by Trevor Duffy - Trick The magician takes out a permanent marking pen and expresses his frustration at how 'these cheap chinese pens always go dry before you use them!' He then removes the cap to illustrate this and unexpectedly, draws a line on someone's light colored shirt - which to everyone's amazement suddenly vanish
In stock. $7.50
close-up comedy gag prank street vanish cyber-monday-2017
Itch Powder Discontinued for being too mean spirited!
Out of stock. $1.99
Chocolate Mess by Fun Inc. - Trick Just for fun, tip this can on its side on a rug, sofa or fine tablecloth. See the dismay and then the joyous discovery that its only a joke!
In stock. $3.00
prank cyber-monday-2017
phony Cast by Fun Inc. - Trick A fake arm cast that's comes to you ready to wear. Looks just like the real thing. Pretend you're all "broken up" when in fact you're not!Made in the USA by FUN Incorporated.
Out of stock. $6.24
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