This is strong hypnotism you can be performing TONIGHT. The clever method makes it SO EASY.

Executive Clip by Chris Funk The Rolls Royce of switching devices. INTRO PRICE ENDS AT MIDNIGHT.
In stock. $39.95
billet mentalism parlor prediction stage stand-up switch
Or Not by Dani DaOrtiz (Instant Download) Dani's reputation maker, revealed for the very first time. INTRO PRICE ENDS AT MIDNIGHT. START LEARNING INSTANTLY.
In stock. $9.95
card download p3 self-working stand-up
Jumbo Invisible Deck PRO with Dan Harlan (Deck + Download) The BEST card trick of all time, NOW 500% BIGGER. Learn Dan Harlan's BRILLIANT, crowd-pleasing, professional stand-up presentation. INCLUDES FULL ROUTINE BY DAN HARLAN.
In stock. $29.95
card download invisible-deck mentalism p3 stage stand-up street
The Yarn (Gimmicks and Online Instructions) by Manuel LLaser - Trick The "No way!" signed bill in ball of wool A spectator's SIGNED bill vanishes and reappears tied at the end of a ball of wool! The ball of wool is in the spectator's hand since the beginning of the show. The bill is really SIGNED by the spectator. The spectator himself unties the signed bill from the
In stock. $29.00
bill bill-to impossible-location signed stand-up
Gregory Wilson's Ring Leader (DVD) This 6 phase ring and rope routine will make your audience wonder if they'll ever see their ring again... outside of a pawnshop! Highly Recommended!!!
In stock. $49.95
close-up dvd penetration ring ring-trick stage stand-up street vanish
Bounce No Bounce PRO presented by Dan Harlan (2 SETS OF BALLS) A trick so good, you can do it anywhere from a bar to a family show. Now, even on the largest stage. INTRO PRICE ENDS AT MIDNIGHT. START LEARNING INSTANTLY AND SAVE.
In stock. $39.95
ball close-up kids-show p3 stage stand-up
The Solution by Michael Murray (Instant Download) The Most Incredible Rubik Effect Ever Created!
In stock. $22.00
download ebook rubiks-cube solve stand-up
Pop Haydn LIVE (Instant Download) Revamped and reinvented for the 21st Century. SUPPORT LIVE MAGIC. DOWNLOAD THE FULL LECTURE TODAY.
In stock. $29.95
card close-up comedy fast-and-loose linking-rings magic penguin-live performance pop-haydn rope-trick sleight-of-hand stand-up
Jeff Stone LIVE (Instant Download) Learn POWERFUL, CLEVER and COMMERCIAL magic that your audience will never forget! DOWNLOAD THE FULL LECTURE TODAY
In stock. $24.95
Jeff-Stone Penguin-LIVE close-up magic stand-up
No Tear by Mark Mason and JB Magic - DVD The classic No Tear torn and restored newspaper now comes complete with a full instructional dvd. EffectShow several torn pieces of newspaper, read a joke from each piece. In the blink of an eye the pieces restore into a full newspaper.The paper can be shown both back and front, this looks amazing.
In stock. $18.75
dvd kids-show newspaper restoration stage stand-up torn-and-restored
Waxed by Lonnie Chevrie (Instant Download) Snap off 5-6 pieces of dental floss, and FUSE THEM TOGETHER. With bare hands, in full view, a true FOOLER. START LEARNING INSTANTLY.
In stock. $9.95
dental-floss floss gypsy-thread p3 restoration rick-lax stand-up thread
Gaetan Bloom LIVE (Instant Download) A living legend came to Penguin for an incredible 3-hour live event. SUPPORT LIVE MAGIC. DOWNLOAD THE FULL LECTURE TODAY.
In stock. $29.95
backstage cards close-up dvd penguin-live stage stand-up thread
John Lovick LIVE (Instant Download) Comedy, character, and creative conjuring. So much more than just a pretty face. SUPPORT LIVE MAGIC. DOWNLOAD THE FULL LECTURE TODAY.
In stock. $29.95
close-up comedy confabulation handsome-jack john-lovick lecture mentalism penguin-live scripting stand-up
M.P.H. by Joshua Jordan (Instant Download) This will "fry" your spec'tators'!
In stock. $45.00
kids-show stand-up
Marc DeSouza LIVE (Instant Download) The Creation, Development, and Structure of Impossibilities. Plus, the Keys to a Successful Competition Act.SUPPORT LIVE MAGIC. DOWNLOAD THE FULL LECTURE TODAY.
In stock. $29.95
close-up competition magic manipulation marc-desouza mentalism penguin-live performance scripting sleight-of-hand stand-up structure
Rope with Four Ends by Mr. Magic - Trick Display two pieces of rope. Stretch your hands as the two pieces magically form into one large rope. Next, show the rope has magically changed to have three ends, then suddenly has four. Finally, a knot is tied in the middle and the rope is tossed into the air. While in the air, the knot has multipl
In stock. $2.96
rope stage stand-up
Mr Golden Balls (Gimmicks and Online Instructions) by Ken Dyne - Trick Ken's incredible Mr Golden Balls, totally re-vamped with the highest quality materials. This is a real-world, professional routine from Ken's working act. Comes complete with various presentations from comedic to serious. This is a true worker of a routine that promises not just one, but two climaxe
In stock. $99.95
kurotsuke mentalism parlor stage stand-up
Speakeasy by Dan Harlan (DVD) Give psychic powers to anyone, and learn how to openly communicate ANY secret. ORDER TODAY AND DOWNLOAD INSTANTLY. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.
In stock. $99.95
close-up code dvd mentalism stage stand-up
Andrew Mayne LIVE (Instant Download) One of the most creative magicians in the world is came to Penguin for an incredible 3-HOUR live event. SUPPORT LIVE MAGIC. DOWNLOAD THE FULL LECTURE TODAY.
In stock. $29.95
card close-up penetration penguin-live production stage stand-up street
LOCKJAW by Pierric (Instant Download) The FISM Grand Prix winner's reputation making card routine. Multiple phases of audience-tested perfection. INTRO PRICE ENDS AT MIDNIGHT. START LEARNING INSTANTLY AND SAVE.
In stock. $14.95
card download p3 stand-up walk-around
Extreme Brain Damage by Andrew Mayne - DVD 4 umbrellas, one bag and a thick skull. Place a paper bag over your head and the fun begins. First you jab an umbrella straight into your right ear and out the other side. Next you do the same with your left ear. Then you jab an umbrella straight up your nose and out the back of your head. Finally y
In stock. $15.00
close-up dvd penetration stand-up street
Vanishing Handkerchief With this prop and the top secret instructions you will be able to perform some of the most visual effects in all of magic.
In stock. $14.95
classic handkerchief stand-up vanish visual
David Regal LIVE (Instant Download) One of the cleverest, and most prolific magicians alive comes to Penguin for a 2-HOUR lecture. DOWNLOAD THE WHOLE LECTURE INSTANTLY AND SUPPORT LIVE MAGIC.
In stock. $29.95
card chop-cup close-up cups penguin-live stand-up
C4 by Jonathan Levit "How good is C4? I plan on putting it into my own show, Immediately! Elegant and visual and the perfect mistress to your color changing deck routine. love it!"Steve Valentine"C4 is like carrying a camera trick in your pocket. It is stunning visual magic. The handling could not be more clear. C4 your
In stock. $60.00
backstage color-change stand-up walkaround
SPOTS Routine, Script & DVD by Bill Abbott - Trick "When I was 14 years old I saw Michael Ross perform at the anniversary party of a local magic shop here in Toronto. One of the pieces he performed was his original presentation and handling for the spot card that baffled me completely. Even though I had a version of the same prop at home, Michael se
In stock. $49.95
close-up kids-show stage stand-up street
Heist by Jack Wise and Vanishing Inc. - Trick It's rare to find practical, visual parlor magic, and rarer still to find good opening effects. With "Heist" you have a perfect, magical and impressive opener for your parlor show. Based on Tommy Wonder's classic "Ring, Watch, Wallet" effect (a trick with a one-hundred year history), Irish stand-up
Out of stock. $99.95
comedy stand-up standard
Nick Lewin's Ultimate Slow Motion Newspaper Tear - DVD This is the smoothest version of the classic torn and restored newspaper you have ever seen! Nick's handling of Alex Elmsley's brilliant effect is the routine he has closed his show on for thirty years. Why do the routine in slow motion? Nick routinely receives standing ovations due to this unique h
In stock. $35.00
dvd newspaper restoration stage stand-up
Bairn - The Brain Children of Ken Dyne - Book Bairn - Ken Dyne "Some of the most direct and stunning pieces of mindreading available on the market...Bairn is filled with powerful material." - MAGIC MAGAZINE "The best mentalism product of 2014" JHEFF (MARKET PLACE OF THE MIND) "There is so much workable material in here. This is very highly reco
In stock. $97.00
book mentalism stand-up
Gaetan Bloom LIVE (DVD) A living legend came to Penguin for an incredible 3-hour live event. SUPPORT LIVE MAGIC. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.
In stock. $29.95
backstage cards close-up dvd penguin-live stage stand-up thread
The Regal Ring Chain (DVD and Gimmick) by David Regal - DVD What has more impact than performing a stunning effec with a cherished object? Fashioned by a commercial jeweler, The Regal Ring Chain is a specially designed prop that enables the performer to secretly introduce a borrowed ring onto a stainless steel neck chain. Just as magician's wallets are alter
In stock. $51.75
close-up dvd ring-trick stand-up street
Cardiographic Stage Electronic by Martin Lewis & Joo Miranda - Trick Cardiographic is a stage effect used by JOHNNY THOMPSON, DAVID COPPERFIELD, WHIT HAYDN, MICHAEL WEBER and professional magicians worldwide. This is Martin Lewis's classic effect in which a card rises from a drawing and is then handed out as a souvenir. Now comes Cardiographic Stage Electronic Versio
In stock. $1375.00
card electronic stage stand-up
Torn by Daniel Garcia (DVD) This is the next great leap forward in the piece-by-piece restoration. Truly unbelievable!
In stock. $35.00
card close-up dvd stand-up torn-and-restored
Peanut Butter and Jelly PRO presented by Dan Harlan (Download + Gimmicks) ALL NEW PRO PRESENTATION. The family-show trick pros swear by. HILARIOUS, visual & easy-to-do.
Out of stock. $79.95
comedy kids-show p3 parlor rick-lax stage stand-up
Educating Archer by John Archer (DVD) What can I say about John that you don't already know? John is one of the funniest entertainers I have ever seen! His comedy is funny and his magic is strong. What more could you possibly want from a performer?On this DVD you will learn some of John's favorite routines that have made him one of the
In stock. $45.00
comedy dvd mentalism parlor stand-up
Tear Down by Andrew Mayne (DVD) Andrew Mayne presents a radical twist on the classic newspaper tear (based on Jim Steinmeyer's Incessant Newspaper) - a completely impromptu and inspectable newspaper tear! EffectA spectator is asked to sign a totally unprepared newspaper right off the newsstand. The magician then takes the paper an
In stock. $11.25
close-up dvd newspaper restoration stage stand-up
Mind Ball by David Regal A clever and hilariously entertaining prop you can use to perform a full routine, or throughout your entire act! NOW SHIPPING. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.
In stock. $41.25
8-ball card close-up mentalism stand-up
Disposable Deck 2.0 by David Regal (RED) Do a trick. Crush your deck. Throw it away. Disposable Deck! A versatile utility gimmick, DISPOSABLE DECK is used by magicians around the world. Now in packs of 200! Also, for the first time, with DVD instructions including a full performance and explanation for the amazing audience participation ef
In stock. $22.50
card close-up dvd stand-up
Disposable Deck 2.0 by David Regal (BLUE) Do a trick. Crush your deck. Throw it away. Disposable Deck! A versatile utility gimmick, DISPOSABLE DECK is used by magicians around the world. Now in packs of 200! Also, for the first time, with DVD instructions including a full performance and explanation for the amazing audience participation ef
In stock. $22.50
card close-up dvd stand-up
Word In A Million by Nicholas Einhorn (DVD + Gimmick) ANY BOOK. ANY PAGE. ANY WORD. 100% ACCURACY. Professional mind-reading at its finest. ONLY #qty# LEFT. ORDER BEFORE MIDNIGHT AND GET FREE SHIPPING.
Out of stock. $20.00
backstage book-test close-up dvd mentalism stage stand-up
Clarity Box by David Regal (DVD + Gimmicks) The most anticipated trick of the YEAR. The runaway hit of Magic Live. ALMOST SOLD OUT. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.
In stock. $80.00
backstage box card card-to close-up david-regal field-tested parlor regal stand-up
Torn 2 Pieces by Shawn Farquhar (DVD) A FISM champions GO-TO effect that he's been using for over 20 years. NOW SHIPPING. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.
In stock. $29.95
card close-up dvd farquhar shawn-farquhar stand-up street-magic torn-and-restored
Magic Marker by Keith Fields - Trick Probably the best magic gag since the Funkenring!A genuine sharpie marker turns into a cane in the blink of an eye - but the effect on the audience is quite amazing! They will jump out of their skin, look amazed, or fall into a fit of giggles!This cool effect brings the appearing cane bang up to dat
In stock. $26.25
backstage comedy sharpie stand-up
Quadrare Caan Opus by Diamond Jim Tyler (DVD) Two amazing effects into one stellar stand-up showpiece.
In stock. $29.95
caan card-at-any-number comedy diamond-jim-tyler magic-square parlor stand-up
Insight by Keith Fields - Trick The Insight book test was a huge success in the world of mentalism when it was first released back in the 90's. The limited run quickly sold out and it has been unavailable for many years. Now re-released with a new cover design and a new title, but inside it is identical to the original.This looks
In stock. $150.00
backstage book-test close-up comedy stage stand-up
Premium Vanishing and Appearing Wine bottle - Trick Imagine taking out a wine bottle, pulling out the cork, pouring a glass of wine and toasting your audience. Next, you place the bottle into a paper bag and finally, you make the bottle VANISH! Or, Imagine, producing a bottle of wine from THIN AIR!All of this is possible with the Premium Vanishing a
In stock. $35.25
rick-lax stand-up vanish
In Flight by David Regal - Trick EffectThe performer hands a spectator a deck of cards and instructs him to make sure all the cards are different, and to then shuffle the deck in any manner he desires. At that point a rubber band is placed around the deck and the deck is sent out into the audience where three different spectators e
In stock. $30.00
card close-up mentalism stage stand-up street
Pro Thumper by Christopher Taylor - Trick The Pro Thumper is one of the greatest devices ever conceived for the working mentalist that has been carefully hand-constructed by Christopher Taylor from Canada, of Equinox and Dead Zone Pro fame. This device was the combined brainchild of Peter Nardi and Christopher Taylor in the quest for a disc
Out of stock. $271.00
CastleMaynia (With DVD) by Andrew Mayne - Trick View ClipAndrew Mayne presents a new twist on the classic card castle production: CastleMaynia! A card castle that folds down small enough to fit in the palm of your hand and instantly opens to over a foot tall! Use it to reveal a selected card Produce it at the end of a card manipulation routine P
In stock. $11.25
THE DEVICE by Andrew Mayne - Trick THE DEVICE is an extremely portable illusion that fits in your pocket.The magician explains to his audience how he got accepted into the secret association of magicians: it was through a rather unusual mail-order test.He removes a small device from his pocket and unfolds it into a box. Shoving penci
In stock. $19.95
parlor stage stand-up street
Mona Lisa 2 by Sagiv Levy - Trick A volunteer from the audience examines the pieces of a jigsaw puzzle and independently selects one out of 100 completely differently shaped pieces. Once this has been done, the magician displays the puzzle, which is missing one piece. To the audience's amazement, the piece that the volunteer chose i
In stock. $549.00
mentalism puzzle stage stand-up
The M.C. Bit Book by Algonquin McDuff - Book A Guide for the Toastmaster - by Algonquin McDuff Looking for way to add more comedy to your Master of Ceremonies gigs? Here's a great book, packed full of "bits of business" to get the audience response you're craving! And they'll love you for it! The M.C. Bit Book by Algonquin McDuff 1999 was the
In stock. $15.00
book mc stage stand-up
Dobson's Choice TV Stuff Wayne Dobson Volume 1 - DVD Wayne, who suffers from MS (Multiple Sclerosis), still performs and lectures as much as he ever did. However, he has cunningly adopted many new methods to achieve the desired effects in order to suit the physical restraints this debilitating disease imposes on him. The magic on this DVD has been tak
In stock. $26.21
dobson dvd stand-up
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