A reputation-making THREE-PHASE pick pocket routine ANYONE can do. https://t.co/HmwwJ..

Prediction Impossible by Jay Sankey (Trick Only) Stun your spectators by performing a "test conditions" demonstration of your clairvoyant powers!
In stock. $0.99
Psychokinetic Silverware - Gerry & Banachek (DVD) Get enormous reactions by bending metal with your mind... This is extremely powerful magic.
In stock. $22.46
The Very Best of Jay Sankey - Set (Vols. 1 - 3) - DVD Learn from the most inspired magic lecturer of our day. TVBO Jay Sankey is destined to become a classic.
Out of stock. $84.00
The Very Best of Jay Sankey - Volume 1 - DVD It's all here! The wildy original plots, the ingenious handlings and the off-the-wall presentations. A grand total of thirteen die-hard Sankey classics. Professional, "real-world" stuff you can really count on under almost any performing conditions! Audience-tested effects with cards, coins, bills,
Out of stock. $28.00
The Very Best of Jay Sankey - Volume 2 - DVD If it's eye-popping magic you want, you've come to the right place! Nobody creates sleight-of-hand magic for the eyes like Jay Sankey. This volume features a power-packed parade of thirteen startingly visual "magic moments." Not to mention more than a few big belly laughs. Watch Jay perform and teac
Out of stock. $28.00
The Very Best of Jay Sankey - Volume 3 - DVD This is your chance to watch one of magic's most off-beat entertainers perform thirteen of his "bread and butter" routines for a live audience. And because the effects are presented in groups of two and three rather than individually, this is also a unique opportunity to learn from the overall flow
Out of stock. $28.00
Tel-A-Vision Simply beautiful. Mind-reading has never been easier... or cheaper.
In stock. $3.50
Super Sight Get ready to FREAK OUT your spectators! You're in the other room, you're eyes are closed, the spectator has a completely free choice!!! Highly Recommended!!!
Out of stock. $45.00
Hypnotic Choice Spectator's mental choice is controlled by your hypnotic influence. The ultimate "can't miss" prediction.
In stock. $5.00
Invisible Deck Blue (Bicycle) Performed on National Television! You will get absolutely enormous reactions every time. This effect is simple to perform... It's almost TOO POWERFUL!!! Highly Recommended
Out of stock. $7.50
The Bat Blow your spectators away with The Raven's extremely talented cousin.
In stock. $29.95
Psychokinetic Time by Banachek - Book You will get the biggest reactions of your life with this stuff. As seen on TV. Highly Recommended!!!
In stock. $18.00
Bob Kohler's Black Envelope (DVD) A remarkable new way to have a signed card appear in an envelope that has been in plain view the entire time!
In stock. $25.00
Thought Transmitter Pro by John Cornelius The thought transmitter is unlike anything on the market--you won't be disappointed! A Must have!
In stock. $39.95
Blizzard by Dean Dill The effect that sounds too incredible to be true. Dean Dill's Blizzard has fooled most of the top minds in magic. Highly Recommended!!!
Out of stock. $26.25
Ted Lesley's Cabaret Mindreading & Cabaret Magic Set (DVD) A living legend of magic finally shares his very best...with you!
In stock. $61.25
Sankey's Secret Files (2 Volumes on 1 DVD) Over 3 HOURS of 25 devastating routines! We couldn't recommend this one more highly!
Out of stock. $30.00
Mind to Matter (Mind Power Deck by John Kennedy) presented by Rick Lax (CARDS INCLUDED) People will SWEAR you've actually read their minds. Concentrate and reveal thought-of cards with amazing accuracy! ALL NEW PRESENTATION BY RICK LAX. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.
In stock. $39.95
The MagiCard by Mark Jenest It's magic everywhere you want to be. Put these five miracles in your wallet and you'll never be without a trick... actually you'll have five!!!
Out of stock. $8.49
3510 by Luke Jermay (Book + Bonus Download) The perfect gift for your favorite mentalist.
In stock. $35.00
Redivider by Phil Goldstein (Max Maven) It has been a few years since Phil Goldstein's last book of magic, Thabbatical, was released. It is now a sought-after work, out-of-print with secondhand copies hard to obtain. So what has Mr. Goldstein been up to since then? The answer is Redivider, a book containing 24 tricks and routines with car
In stock. $15.00
Perfect by Mark Mason (DVD + Gimmicks) A reputation-making card prediction that breaks peoples' brains. It really looks PERFECT. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.
In stock. $30.00
Psychic Color Sticks The Psychic Color Sticks is a wonderful crafted mind reading effect that has been unavailable for many years.
In stock. $24.95
Mental Miracles with Bob Cassidy If you ever wanted to make people believe you can read their minds, you must see this tape. Cassidy teaches many of his original routines and discusses how to structure, present and create your show.
In stock. $34.95
The Mind Reading Coloring Book An incredible self contained mental miracle. The spectator turns to any page in the book and within seconds you know the image they're merely thinking of. Perfect for kids shows. Highly recommended!
In stock. $21.83
Banachek's Pre Thoughts (Book) More than a set of lecture notes, this is a complete mentalism act from start to finish as used by Steve Shaw (Banachek). Excerpts can be used as stand-alone in your show!
In stock. $15.00
Max Maven's Videomind Collection (3 DVD Set) This video features a range of commercial Parlor Mentalism, Close - Up Mentalism, and Stage Mentalism. Highly Recommended!
Out of stock. $99.95
Jeff Sheridan Genius At Work: Volume 1 - The Street Act As popular as the concept is now, contemporary street magic can all be traced back to one time, one place and to one performer-Jeff Sheridan. A ubiquitous figure on the busy streets of Manhattan for decades, Sheridan's cool demeanor and red-hot magic stopped busy urbanites dead in their tracks and n
In stock. $26.21
Jeff Sheridan Genius At Work: Volume 3 - Original Magic Creations Jeff Sheridan is one of magic's most original thinkers and on this video, he shares some of his favorite and most closely guarded effects.Lost And Found Bill - A borrowed bill's serial number matches the performer's prediction - which just happens to be gold-embossed on his wallet.Triple Headline Pr
In stock. $26.21
Jeff Sheridan Genius At Work: Volume 4 - Stand-Up Stunners On this volume, Jeff Sheridan shares some amazing effects suitable for parlor and platform.This is innovative, cutting-edge magic that will excite even the most jaded audiences.Cheek To Cheek - A packet of cards is repeatedly mixed up in face-up/face-down fashion yet rights itself - and the fact tha
In stock. $26.21
Mental Yarn by Bill Goldman A diabolical, do-anywhere mind reading miracle.
In stock. $9.38
Amazing Psychic Feats Anyone Can Do with Jay Sankey (DVD) For ages 10 to 80! Whether you are in grade school, a college graduate, or even a grandfather, you too can learn the closely guarded secrets behind a collection of incredible psychic illusions!
Out of stock. $20.00
One and Only Trick by Paul Harris & Tony MaClaren An Invisible Deck without the deck!
Out of stock. $19.95
Jay Noblezada LIVE (Instant Download) World-renowned magic instructor Noblezada came to Penguin for a massive 3-HOUR lecture on High Impact Hypnosis. SUPPORT LIVE MAGIC. DOWNLOAD AVAILABLE NOW.
In stock. $29.95
Complete Card Magic - Volume One: Beginner - 14 Easy to Learn Card Miracles (DVD) Jump-start your magical journey into Complete Card Magic with these fourteen introductory mysteries. Volume One offers a strong foundation for building your own card magic routines. Card expert Gerry Griffin takes you step-by-step through some amazing mysteries.The Betting Game - This fun effect f
In stock. $30.58
22 Blows to the Head by Jay Sankey (DVD) From the mind of one of magic's most creative thinkers comes a mind-blowing collection of psychic effects!
Out of stock. $24.00
SANKEY MAGIC CLASSICS SERIES: Sankey 1999 (DVD) Learn 25 extremely original effects plus 4 ADDED BONUS EFFECTS with coins, cards, matches, and drinking straws!
Out of stock. $29.95
The Sankey Sanders Sessions (2 DVDs) This is the underground hit of the year. Get ready to session with two of the most innovative minds in sleight-of-hand magic. These guys will FRY you again and again! Highly recommended!
Out of stock. $48.00
Super Sharpie Imagine asking a spectator to think of any number. You write a prediction on the back of your business card. When they say their number, you turn over your card and it matches. Every time!
Out of stock. $39.95
Just Imagine by Jay Sankey (Trick Only) This BRAND NEW card effect will FRY your spectators. THREE free choices and a thought of symbol. One of Sankey's best. Highly recommended!
Out of stock. $12.00
Psychic Block Escape Set the Block Escape Box, 6 colored blocks and the wooden pen out on a table. Have your spectator choose by touch two of the colored blocks. Load the blocks back into the box, close the lid and have your audience member confirm, through the holes in the lid, that all 6 colored blocks are in the box
In stock. $12.95
Boris Pocus Extremely Mental (DVD + Book) HE'S NOT FAKING IT! Boris Pocus is truly mental. In fact, since his first mental experience at the age of two with a frog in the grass behind his father's gas station...
Out of stock. $29.95
Jay Sankey's FIRESTARTERS (DVD) The Real Secrets to Getting Dates with Close-Up Magic & Mentalism.
Out of stock. $24.00
Corinda's Pentaquin The performer places five cards face up in a row on the table. He hands five other cards face down to one spectator, explaining that these are duplicates of the cards on the table. The spectator shuffles the five cards, and then deals one card, face down, onto each of the face up cards. When the
Out of stock. $13.13
The Boris Wild Marked Deck (Bicycle) A nearly limitless number of staggering magical effects awaits the owner...
Out of stock. $16.00
13 Steps to Mentalism by Corinda (Book) One of the classic books in Mentalism.
Out of stock. $27.00
Fechter's Aces with Obie O'Brien (2 DVD Set) Meet one of magic's most influential people, Obie O'Brien!
In stock. $43.75
A New World by Dean Dill and Michael Weber The black cards separate from the red...AND YOU NEVER EVEN TOUCHED THE DECK!
Out of stock. $30.00
Psychic Disc Escape Mentalism plus impossible escape. Made to last a lifetime in precision quality brass.
In stock. $39.95
The Magician's Mentalism Wallet Are you reading your spectator's mind? Now you can with this amazing utility device!
In stock. $44.95
Ashes On Arm (Instant Download) Get your FREAK on with this impossible revelation. Highly recommended.
In stock. $9.95
Ultra Mentalism Before anything is said, the magician hands an envelope to the audience. AFTER this has happened, three specatators each choose a four digit number. Next, each of the spectators freely call out digits from their number in any order, to create a random addition problem. After the digits are added,
Out of stock. $24.95
Gazzo's Tossed Out Deck (DVD + Deck) One of the greatest card tricks in the history of magic. Road tested, refined and CROWD ready. Most highly recommended!
In stock. $34.95
Omnilope by Jay Sankey (DVD + Gimmick) An incredible switching device! The ingenious OMNILOPE design combines the powerful visual element of a clear switch bag with the angle-proof practicality of traditional switch bags. Even better, OMNILOPE features a very ordinary-looking white paper envelope! The combination of all those valuable qu
Out of stock. $24.95
Stain Alive by Gregory Wilson (Instant Download) One of the most powerful predictions we've ever seen. You'll be doing it EVERYWHERE. PROMO PRICE ENDS AT MIDNIGHT. START LEARNING INSTANTLY AND SAVE.
In stock. $4.95
Two Headed Quarter Two heads are always better than one.
Out of stock. $5.81
Backstage Pass with The Dean Go backstage with Jason Dean as he entertains the hard rock superstars of Godsmack after a sold-out show in Las Vegas! Not sold in stores! Exclusive to PenguinMagic.com
Out of stock. $29.95
Mind Stunts 1 by Patrik Kuffs Patrik Kuffs most coveted effects!
In stock. $28.00
Prime Cut (DVD) Prime Cut will put the power of the best card trick on the street in your hands the day you get this amazing DVD.
In stock. $25.00
Blindfold Tips by John Archer (DVD) What can I say about John that you don't already know? John is one of the funniest entertainers I have ever seen! His comedy is funny and his magic is strong. What more could you possibly want from a performer?The ultimate, most comprehensive guide to one of mentalism's most versatile routines. John
In stock. $39.00
Think Pink booklet by Ran Pink (booklet) This is THE work on the center tear!
In stock. $18.75
Banachek PSI Series #2 w/ Stigmata (DVD) Featuring the original version of Stigmata plus 7 other effects!
In stock. $26.21
Stars and Hexes (Elite) by Reed McClintock Reed's most sought after effect!
In stock. $16.28
Mind Stunts 2 by Patrik Kuffs An insanely dynamic entertainer and innovator, Patrik Kuffs has made smash-hit appearances at the Just For Laughs Festival in Montreal, the International Battle of Magicians in Atlanta, and on such varied television shows as Popular Mechanics For Kids, Ad Lib and Urban Magic, with David Acer and Ric
In stock. $29.95
Coral Fang by Luke Jermay (Book) He's consulted for Criss Angel, been an advisor to Derren Brown..now check out Luke's third release of sure-fire mentalism effects!
Out of stock. $41.25
Ultimate Marked Deck (Red) Yes, the Ultimate is the marked deck you have been dreaming of!
In stock. $29.95
Ultimate Marked Deck (Blue) Yes, the Ultimate is the marked deck you have been dreaming of!
In stock. $29.95
Educating Archer by John Archer (DVD) What can I say about John that you don't already know? John is one of the funniest entertainers I have ever seen! His comedy is funny and his magic is strong. What more could you possibly want from a performer?On this DVD you will learn some of John's favorite routines that have made him one of the
In stock. $45.00
Enigmatic Vol. 1 by Alexander DeCova We filmed eccentric Bavarian Magic Alexander de Cordova perform, when he made his only lecture here in America. Later we got him aside and he revealed in detail the methods, history, and thinking behind the dozen knockout effects on the two ENIGMATIC volumes.Alex's unconventional ideas for parlour a
In stock. $26.25
Silent Treatment by Jon Allen ((Universal Version)) Check out the trick that Jason Alexander performed when he was at the Magic Castle!
Out of stock. $45.00
Mind Stunts 1&2 by Patrik Kuffs (2 DVD Set) Looking for a goldmine of fresh new mentalism? Look no further... Canada's #1 crazy creative mentalist is HERE!
In stock. $55.17
Nothing by Max Maven (DVD) FOUR HOURS of standup mentalism instruction from the living legend himself. NOW SHIPPING. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.
In stock. $75.00
Triple Threat Wallet by Anthony Miller Three wallets in one! You get two options for signed card to wallet... PLUS it's a fantastic peek wallet. Extremely practical and easy to use with NO PALMING required! Highly recommended.
Out of stock. $39.95
The Hands of Fate by Luke Jermay (Instant Download) Impromptu mentalism at its best! Perform it anytime, anywhere. Great audience participation. All you need is some paper and a pen. No gimmicks. Easy and fun to perform.
In stock. $9.95
The Hip Pocket Bombshell by Anthony Miller A hip pocket billfold that does one of the slickest no-palm card-to-wallet effects ever! Highly recommended!
In stock. $65.00
The Perfect Peek Wallet The Perfect Peek Wallet is more than just an everyday wallet!
Out of stock. $39.00
Just the Way I Like It (coffee shop trick) by Alvo Stockman (Instant Download) Your friend will "sense" and predict what is in your cup!
In stock. $0.00
Mix Tape by Alvo Stockman (Manuscript) Give your friend the gift of music, as well as predicting their favorite songs!
In stock. $19.95
The Billet Switch with Luke Jermay (Instant Download) The classic billet switch and methods to ring it back into play, allowing you to create the effect of reading your spectators' minds.
In stock. $9.95
Talk About Tricks - 3 DVD Set - Joshua Jay (DVD) Effects straight out Joshua's critically-acclaimed "Talk About Tricks" column
In stock. $74.96
Postmentalism by Alvo Stockman The future of written prediction is HERE.
In stock. $29.95
Into the Abyss by Oz Pearlman (DVD) NOW SHIPPING! Mentalism for the real world. Three DIRECT, in-your-face powerhouse routines that audiences will remember for a very long time. Highly recommended!
In stock. $34.95
21st Century Phantom by Oz Pearlman (DVD + Props) The ultimate in VISUAL mentalism. A KILLER mind-reading routine that finishes with an unbelievable souvenir for your spectators!
Out of stock. $29.95
Emotional Intelligence [E.I.] by Luke Jermay (DVD) Jermay's room-shattering THREE PHASE mind reading routine. Entertaining a room full of people has never been this easy! Completely impromptu. Can be done on business cards.
In stock. $29.95
Snakes by Wayne Dobson A self-working instant reset prediction that you will carry everywhere!
In stock. $39.95
3 Choice by Wayne Dobson Predict where a spectator will place not 1, not 2, but 3 items!
In stock. $60.00
The Same Card by Wayne Dobson The performer has a spectator FREELY select a card from an ordinary deck of cards. Without looking at it, the performer tables the card face down and brings out a small leather business card wallet from which he removes his business card and a dollar bill. "On the back of my business card is a predi
In stock. $22.50
Magic Square with Luke Jermay (Instant Download) A fun and easy demonstration of YOUR MENTAL PROWESS...
In stock. $12.95
The INVISIBLE Deck DVD Starring Oz Pearlman (DVD + RED Deck) A powerful piece of equipment that allows you to achieve one of the strongest effects in card magic w/ NO SLEIGHT OF HAND! DVD features 3 amazing routines with the ID you'd never expect.
In stock. $19.95
Remote Viewing by Luke Jermay (Instant Download) The perfect trick for spectators who want to grab the deck.. you can let THEM shuffle. Turn your back (or even go in the other room) and let them deal. You perfectly predict the order of the cards.
In stock. $4.95
LJCP by Luke Jermay (Instant Download) A perfect prediction effect. Any deck. Any time. Any environment. Highly recommended!
In stock. $9.95
Synchronicity by Luke Jermay (Instant Download) One of the most DEVIOUS secrets in the shop! We LOVE this trick. Edgy, bold, and always a little bit scary.... This is Luke Jermay all the way!
In stock. $9.95
Peeks with Luke Jermay (Instant Download) The performer has the spectator look at a card in the center of the deck. There seems to be no way the performer could possibly know which card the spectator has looked at, but the performer instantly knows the identity of the card. Great for both mentalism and magic.
In stock. $9.95
Ascension by Joshua Quinn An EXCEPTIONALLY clean and direct means of divining a zodiac sign while giving an IMPOSSIBLY precise character reading!
In stock. $59.95
Mind Stunts 1 by Patrik Kuffs (DVD Download) Patrik Kuffs most coveted effects!
In stock. $24.95
Mind Stunts 2 by Patrik Kuffs (DVD Download) Patrik Kuffs most coveted effects!
In stock. $24.95
Mind Stunts 1&2 by Patrik Kuffs (DVD Download) Looking for a goldmine of fresh new mentalism? Look no further... Canada's #1 crazy creative mentalist is HERE!
In stock. $54.90
Mark Jenest's Miracles While-U-Wait (DVD Download) Innovative routines that fit in your pocket and play everywhere. Shot live on the streets of Hollywood. Highly recommended!
In stock. $24.95

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