We are happy to announce the winners of the 2023 Penguin Magic Awards!

Nominees were selected based on sales, the winners were selected based on votes. This year we received almost 9,000 votes from members of the community!

We've tallied up the votes, and delivered the awards. Here are the winners!

Book of the Year

WINNER - Letters From Juan - Written as a personal letter to you from your dear friend, Juan teaches 25 closely guarded tricks for the first time.

Parallax by Max Maven - Essays and opinions from one of the greatest minds in magic. Read Max’s thoughts on subjects magic and non-magic related.

Sleightly Absurd by Charlie Frye - 50 tricks by one of the most entertaining magicians in the world. Wildly original close up magic and absurdly entertaining treatments of classic plots.

Unlock by Mark Elsdon - The ultimate mentalism book. And it's here! 400 pages. 55 chapters. 22 contributors.

Very Hush-Hush by John Bannon - A treasure chest of 40 new tricks with a mental slant, baffling by clever design, not by dexterity.

Deck of the Year

WINNER - Butterfly Playing Cards (Royal Purple Edition) - Locate ANY card at a glance with this innovative EDGE-MARKED deck of playing cards. Unlock impossible miracles.

Bee X Cherry - This epic collab combines the classic design of the Bee back design and the sleek Cherry Casino back design. Together they make a beautiful deck that blends the classic and modern.

DeLand's Donut Shop Playing Cards - Disguised as an innocent souvenir donut shop deck, these diabolically marked cards will fool even experienced magicians. Limited edition and individually numbered, get yours while they're still fresh!

Wonka Playing Cards by theory11 - Created in honor of the hollywood film telling the origin story of Willy Wonka this deck is as sweet as the chocolate that inspired it!

Yellowstone Playing Cards by theory11 - Yellowstone Playing Cards feature fully custom, original artwork from the television show. It's not just a deck of cards, it's a conversation piece.

Close-Up Trick of the Year

WINNER - Demi Deck by Angelo Carbone - 17 years in the making, this polished masterpiece is finally available. Cut a deck in half, then restore it in the most unforgettable way.

Gatekeeper by Craig Petty - Stretch the hole in a SOLID METAL KEY, and pass a LARGE coin through it.

Impossible Escape by Patricio Teran - A solid through solid effect YOUR SPECTATOR PERFORMS in their own hands, and is immediately examinable!

Intrickation by Dr.Cyril Thomas & Justine Cesari - The most visual and impromptu rubber band penetration we've ever seen. Use any rubber band!

Lucid by Roddy McGhie - Instantly vanish, change and transform objects in a clear bag IN FULL VIEW. The most visual trick of the year. Very limited supply.

Electronic Trick of the Year

WINNER - DragonScale - One of the most advanced pieces of magic technology ever made. Its patented design unlocks secrets that were simply unavailable before today. Prepare to know everything.

The Faraday Pad by Infinity - Create impossible balances, control a dice roll, move objects and do so much more with this multi-function, high-tech close-up pad.

INTERCEPTOR by Mariano Goni - AI technology tracks the position of playing cards in the deck and communicates that information to your phone.

Leviosa by Joao Miranda & Julio Montoro - A signed card shoots out of the deck, then you cause the deck to rise up off the ground and into your hands!

X Light by Kingsley Xu - Looks like Hollywood movie magic! Produce, vanish, and levitate feathers and handkerchiefs with a wizard wand.

Parlor Trick of the Year

WINNER - Hook by Eric Ross - This trick is so intense, some people can't watch. A roulette game with a fish hook... in your mouth. Screams are practically guaranteed.

The Amazing Johnathan’s Knife Through Arm - Stomach turning reactions - this looks REAL. Yet it defies all expectations. The blade is SOLID, there's no tube of blood behind it. Brilliantly designed to fool and last a lifetime

My Word by Dan Harlan - They turn to ANY page and think of a word. You know it without ANY mistakes! Professional caliber mind-reading with a PERFECTLY ordinary looking book.

On Edge by Angelo Carbone - Defy gravity and demonstrate incredible skill by building a house of cards, then balancing it IMPOSSIBLY ON A SINGLE POINT. Under your complete control at all times.

Poker Face by Bill Abbott - Read the minds of five audience members at the same time! Each one freely peeks at a card and remembers it. Then one by one you reveal them correctly!

Mentalism Trick of the Year

WINNER - Predicshuns by Roddy Mcghie - One of the most charming tricks we've ever seen, Predicshuns lets you use a child’s drawing to reveal a FREELY named card!

52 Stunner by Juan Capilla - They think of any card, and you reveal it without any sleight of hand.

Dex by Lloyd Barnes & Javier Fuenmayor - Any card. At your fingertips. As fast as lightning. DEX is the best card index ever made. Two years of anticipation, and it's finally here!

Discovery by Spooky Nyman - This trick gets some of the best reactions we've EVER seen. Super fooling with an exciting theme, innocent looking props and everyone wins. A perfect pocket miracle.

Executive Pad by Dennis Alm and Dick Barry - Learn 15 pro-caliber tricks with this devious and classy secret weapon. Executive Pad is an elegant switching pad that is a mentalist’s new Swiss army knife.

Money Trick of the Year

WINNER - Super Sucker by Rizki Nanda - The most magical way to give away a lollipop, and one of the best icebreakers we've seen. Turn a nickel into a lollipop, then hand it out!

Ghost Coin by Nathan Kranzo - As good as coin vanishes get. Do it in short sleeves, show your hands empty, it's GONE. The possibilities are endless. Easy enough for a beginner, powerful enough for a pro.

Liquid Cash by Henry Harrius - One bill passes visually and mysteriously through another bill. No cover, no difficult moves, and the bills can be BORROWED!!

Melt by Biz - Make a signed coin appear visually inside any card box! The best part? You don't need to use cellophane! It's just an extra convincer.

The Hancock Change by Kyle Purnell - Change a $1 to $100 without any gimmicks. One of the most visual bill changes you’ll ever see!

Card Trick of the Year

WINNER - Envylope 2.0 by Brandon David & Chris Turchi - Get the strongest reactions you've ever seen. A deck of cards and an envelope visually switch places, and inside the envelope is their signed card!

POW by Erik Casey - The Perfect Oil & Water is as easy as spreading a hand of cards. Mix cards showing BOTH sides and INSTANTLY they separate.

Card-Toon Remastered by Dan Harlan - Animate a stick figure drawing to reveal any thought of card with the trick Dan Harlan used to fool Penn & Teller!

Defaced by Martin Braessas - Four miracles in one fireworks-display of card mastery... and it's practically self-working! An entire 4-phase routine in your pocket.

Hip Pocket Mullica Wallet by Tim Trono - Inside your wallet... is another wallet! Inside that wallet there's a ZIPPERED pocket. Inside THAT POCKET IS THEIR SIGNED CARD. They can even pull it out themselves! The easiest AND most powerful CTW.

Magic Creator of the Year

WINNER - Craig Petty - This year Craig’s best selling product was Gatekeeper. He also released Lucky Lotto, and EDCeipt. Craig contributed to several other projects including MACAAN by Matt Mello, and Capsize by Seth Race.

Dan Harlan - This year Dan updated his classic effect Card-Toon. It’s now available with new artwork and in a brand new size. Dan released some great EDC and stand up magic as well including Ritual, Cryptic Cookie and My Word.

Juan Tamariz - Juan Tamariz is one of the most respected magicians in all of magic and this year he released a six part book series sharing his newest thoughts on some of his favorite pieces of magic. Letters from Juan is a must have collection for any fan of Jan Tamariz.

Rizki Nanda - This underground creative force released the incredibly popular Super Sucker. A coin transforms into a sucker and you can hand it out. He also released the super visual Transporter Card this year.

Roddy McGhie - The always creative Roddy Mcghie released Lucid, Minibook Pro and Predicshuns this year. Lucid is one of the most visual magic tricks we’ve ever seen and Minibook Pro is a card trick in a league of its own.

Trick of the Year

WINNER - Super Sucker by Rizki Nanda - The most magical way to give away a lollipop, and one of the best icebreakers we've seen. Turn a nickel into a lollipop, then hand it out!
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