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Stab by Luke Jermay (HD Instant Download) A CRAZY combination of extreme skill AND mind-blowing card magic that will leave your audience DIZZY. You've found your new FINALE.
Price: $9.95
In stock: Download INSTANTLY.

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The best tricks in the world go beyond secrets. They amaze, shock and surprise all at the same time. We call these tricks bullet-proof.

STAB by Luke Jermay is bullet-proof -- and you can see why in the trailer.

STAB takes a spectator's brain and splits it into two battling sides. One half asks "How the FREAK is it humanly possible to do that?!?" and the other half asks "How the FREAK did he find MY CARD??" No matter where they turn, it's just IMPOSSIBLE.

Some performers fool their audiences with mind-blowing tricks.

Some performers astonish their audiences with physical demonstrations of skill.

Now you can do both.

STAB is the finale you can actually build your whole card act around to end with a BANG!

And because STAB is an HD Instant Download, you can start learning it today!

We're really excited to present you with dynamic, professional performance pieces like STAB for your shows. If you have any questions at all, or want to know if STAB is right for your act, don't hesitate to email us at

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Customer Reviews (showing 1 - 3 of 3)
1 of 1 magicians found the following review helpful:
Expect to practice this one alot Report this review
Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on April 9th, 2010
The move to do this trick could be performed as a flourish itself. Before you even learn the trick, you really have to learn to catch a card in a fan of cards. Luke teaches you 2 versions of the trick- the hard version and the very hard version.
That all being said, this is very impressive when you can finally get it down. I've gotten some pretty great responses to this. most people are impressed that I can even catch the card at all, but when I show them that it is next to their selected card, it gets quite a good reaction. If your willing to put the time in to learn this- check it out.
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1 of 1 magicians found the following review helpful:
Very Difficult Report this review
Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on April 5th, 2010
This is a pretty amazing effect, but extremely difficult to do. Catching the card in the fan will require a ton of practice, which I'm just not willing to commit to at this time. Maybe someday, but I'm working on too much other stuff right now to devote the time necessary for this trick. I imagine that it would take weeks (maybe months) before you could become proficient at doing this. Unless your willing to spend hours upon hours perfecting this trick, the don't get this.
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1 of 1 magicians found the following review helpful:
Great effect, but requires coordination Report this review
Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on October 2nd, 2009
The effect is very straight forward and easy to understand. Reactions are great!!! Luke gives two different methods of performing the effect, and one can be done impromptu with any borrowed deck. The only drawback is the toss/catch. This is not something that you can pick up and do in 5 minutes (unless you are freakishly coordinated). If you purchase this trick, plan on spending some time learning how to toss a card and catch it in a pressure fan. But, after you get it down, it is well worth the you paid for it.
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