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CHIPrediction by Pablo Amira aka Ultimate Card Prediction (Instant Download) The ULTIMATE way to predict an isolated card. Pure psychology and great thinking.
Price: $14.99
In stock: Download INSTANTLY.

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CHIPrediction is one of my solutions to the "thought card prediction" plot.
You will always end 100% correctly!
No 4,16 or 26 outs, only ONE prediction
No Sw***es, No KK out
No physical cards are used
100% Impromptu
The card revelation will be exactly as you want it to be
No Ins**nt St**ge or D**l Rea***y

A participant is given a poker chip to keep tight in their hand.

The performer has the participant imagine that they are walking through a casino and will use a single poker chip to bet on a game of poker and has the participant name a :


They settle on one card

After vividly imagining every detail of this casino experience, the participant opens their hand to find that they have a poker chip in their hand with THE NAME OF THEIR IMAGINARY CARD WRITTEN ON THE CHIP!
You can do this if you wish by writing a prediction on a business card, or any other item you like.
With extra ideas from Paolo Cavalli,
CHIPrediction CAN be the solution for you.


Another gem from Pablo.
I love CHIPrediction and this is something I'll be using.
Neal Scryer

This is a journey and an experience to have the audience savor! It is a far more than a mere trick.
Kenton Knepper

┬ůVery nice concept and routine!
Millard Longman

Simple and to the point!
Paolo Cavalli

It's a very nice routine with a simple but deceptive methodology.
Deceptive, convincing, and yet simple enough to really let your imagination run wild with your own presentation. Recommended!
Jon Thompson

Pablo has come up with a nice routine here that has a couple of nice subtleties that really sell the effect.
The routine is pretty straightforward and open to a lot of different presentational ideas.
Nice job Pablo!
Paul Carnazzo

Lovely routine Pablo!
Rich Hennessey

CHIPrediction is simple, practical and plays big.
I think this ebook is an excellent resource for anyone looking for an 'on the fly' piece of mentalism.
I particularly like that it can be done at anytime, requires no set up and makes something that reads small (and often overlooked) mighty!
The book is a steal at the price its set at!
Peter Turner

I REALLY love this

Pablo always puts out easy and direct-to-the-point stuff!
Luca Volpe

Pablo has a nice easy style to his effects which I like. Ease of operation doesn't mean you have nothing to do.But it does mean you can concentrate on the important part, the presentation, safe in the knowledge that the "work" is almost nothing to accomplish. I may tweak it a little to suit me, but then I'd hope we all do that with our effects.
Thumbs Up from me
Steve Young

I really like the layering of psychological techniques.
An application of pure psychology with not a "move" in sight... this is all about the verbal finesses and as such could be done at a moment's notice if you don't mind substituting the chip for something else.
The nuances seem to have applications outside of entertainment in the field of general persuasion skills!
Gerard Grey

...All in all, this is a routine that can be done completely impromptu, in any conditions and with lots of verbal finesses built-in, I like it a lot!
David Sena

In a world where everything is wonderful (I've read recently a lot of glowing reviews, that are simply not true), Chiprediction is really good. It's something I will use.
Andrea Antonuccio

I'm a complete novice with mentalism and this is the first effect I have purchased from this area of magic.Thankfully, it looks like something even I can perform, so simple, so elegant.
Daniel Benson

This is a brilliant effect that anyone can do,
it really has the wow factor too.
Mancunian Lee

It's a simple and practical routine with as usual light touches of verbal finesses and psychological subtleties which makes it an impromptu, sleightless, direct, clever and above all an efficient piece of mentalism.
I think with CHIPrediction we have an other winner from the ingenious mind of Pablo Amira.
Andrew Katsoulis

I really like that you can let the spectator keep the chip. When you have the opportunity to do this, I think it completes the routine. For the walk around entertainer, finding a place to stash all the chips may not be easy, but possibly worth it. The routine can also be adapted so that you are not always using the same prediction which would be a great strength in a walk around environment. Just something to think about...
I also like that the book is focusing mainly on the presentation and verbal subtleties. These are the types of ideas that I can frequently apply to other effects. I like when authors elaborate on the importance of their wording and timing and that been done nicely in CHIPrediction.
And yes, don't miss Paolo Cavalli ́s addition.
Thanks again for sharing this, Pablo.
Alan Mankovitz

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Customer Reviews (showing 1 - 2 of 2)
1 of 1 magicians found the following review helpful:
dont spend money on this Report this review
Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on November 4th, 2012
Typical. There is nothing new here. Just an idea from creator who feels this warrants a great new fundamental groundbreaking creation.

There are much better and fooling ways to make predictions. This is an idea that should be given away. Sorry. Pablo has some good stuff but this is not one of them. I'm glad I only paid 10$ for this.
Did this review help you? 1 comment
1 of 1 magicians found the following review helpful:
Meh... Report this review
Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on October 28th, 2012
The subtlety in which the entire effect is hinged on, while interesting, is far too transparent. I perform strolling/close up mentalism, and employ several psychological subtleties. This is something I would never use. Not a lot of value for the $15 youre coughing up here. Another example of a weak effect being sold as a single trick for way too much money.
Did this review help you? 1 comment

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