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Green Magic by Lennart Green Set (Volumes 1-3) (DVD) As seen on NBC's World's Greatest Magic, Lennart Green's FISM act won the world championship. Get ready to learn it! Highly Recommended!
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There's no one else in the world quite like Sweden's Lennart Green. He's a true original both in life and in magic, and this originality really shines through in his incredible and hilarious performances. In constant demand all over the world, Lennart has even appeared on NBC's World's Greatest Magic. As anyone who has seen him knows, Lennart does things with a deck of cards that no one else has ever done before!

Volume One

  • The FISM Act - See that act that won Lennart the world championship!
Volume Two
  • The Poker Deal - Lennart deals five different killer hands from a shuffled deck!
  • The Temple of Shiva - A magical, mystical routine painted with a story of the future.
  • Deceptive Perception - No matter which card the spectator selects, it is always the odd card!
  • The One-Two Separation - From an audience-shuffled deck, Lennart magically separates the cards from red and black!
  • The Angle Riffle Shuffle - One of the most deceptive false-shuffles ever created.
Volume Three
  • Fractal Harmony - A masterpiece of card magic using a backdrop of mathematical fractals.
  • 2nd Birthday Gift - After magically producing a full bottle of whisky, a chosen card is removed from inside!

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Customer Reviews (showing 1 - 10 of 11)
2 of 3 magicians found the following review helpful:
A Mixed bag of illusions Report this review
Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on March 10th, 2006
Lennart Green is a card master in a class of his own. His presentation and technique are highly entertaining, original and education. However this DVD set of Volumes 1-3 is not without flaws. It contains the act that made him famous, but it does not contain the full sets of explanations for all of the sleights which he uses. Admitedly, if you watch his performace and instructions carefully, you can figure out some of the secrets which he does not reveal. On balance, volume one is probably the only one worth owning and spending years studying and perfecting. It is encyclopedic, and one day it will become a classic (if it's not already). Volumes two and three are a little too thin on the contents and the value. I did not like volume two at all, and volume three I found interesting (the highlight being the fractal harmony stack which he uses), but not worth the full price. I would recommend buying volume 1 in DVD format, separately if you can, and ignore the other two volumes. In this set the parts just do not add up to the whole. Note: The material presented is somewhat advanced.
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1 of 1 magicians found the following review helpful:
Seems to be a bit lacking.... Report this review
Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on June 30th, 2004
For all the good things I have heard about Green Magic, I really think that this set was grossy overhyped. If not that than at least over priced. The amount of material in each does not seem to justify the price tag. As for what is taught, I'll admit that they most likely will impress laymen, there are a lot of other things out there that would be a better choice over this. For example, Greg Wilson's card work (Card Stunts, Pyrotechnic Pasteboards) is extremely visual and in my opinion, much more impressive. I think the two things that Lennart Green does best are the top shot and the snap deal, neither of which are taught in these 3 volumes.
Did this review help you?
Get ready to practice Report this review
Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on April 10th, 2010
This material is challenging. Lennart Green is a card master and his unique thinking really shines through. The FISM Act on is the best item of the whole set. I remember watching this on World's Greatest Magic 4. It honestly looks impossible and at first trying to execute it might feel that way. The other item that I like is the angle riffle shuffle. I love this shuffle and it is very deceptive and once again, a challenge. If you like card magic and want to perform some deceptive but challenging material then these videos would be a good investment
Did this review help you?
Love it Report this review
Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on April 7th, 2010
Lennart Green has some amazing tricks up his sleeve. These DVDs cover a lot of his material- including his famous snap deal technique. Straightaway I knew I would love this DVD and I wasn't wrong- most of the effects on here blew my mind. Worth getting!
Did this review help you?
Great Material Report this review
Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on September 14th, 2005
This material is great. I love it because there is vital information in here that will raise your skill to the next level. My favorite out of the three would half to be vol. 2. Don't get me wrong I love all of them but 2 would be my favorite. I can't wait to get volumes 4, 5, and 6. I already have volumes 1, 2, 3,and 7(green light). Lennart is truly remarkable. I know he doesn't present his material well both in performance and explinations, but you can't deny his skill as a card worker. Maybe that's why he's in constant demand all over the world. ADD TO CART.
Did this review help you?
aah! Report this review
Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on July 14th, 2005
I'm not new to magic but still find this DVD a waste of money. I find Green's magic old fashioned and boring but thats just my opinion. I think magic should be amazing, cool, and maybe even a bit flashy.
Did this review help you?
Not a waste at all Report this review
Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on March 18th, 2004
I don't understand that anyone can say that this DVD's are a waste. Yes...they cost you money. They aint the cheapest. If you are looking for "just some good tricks", don't buy this. If you know some sleights and you want to learm more, BUY THIS.
Lennart Green isn't just showing you some tricks.
The way he performs and explains, is so much more then learning some tricks. In my opinion a lot of DVD's let you copy some good tricks. Lennart Green learns you some tricks and in the meanwhile, he teaches you how you can use the teached sleights in many other effects. He encourages you to play with sleights and use your own in between. He shows you some trick and then you can play with everything you already know, combined with some very good new sleights.
I can only say EXCELLENT.
Why a 4 instead of a 5 star review....Because it is only DVD 1-3 and not 1-6. I think you should buy them all.
Did this review help you?
waste Report this review
Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on March 12th, 2004
Don't buy this! Don't buy this! Not worth the money! Buy other dvd's that would be satisfying a lot more....these dvds are not for anyone! The explainations are taught horribly and I can't understand anything that Lennart Green says...........if you bought this, you should slap yourself right can find a lot better dvd's with better teaching for half the price!
Did this review help you?
thumbs up Report this review
Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on May 19th, 2003
This is without a doubt the best video package. Just the first video alone is enough info to last you a lifetime. (obviously though the other two have some of the greatest tricks ever) 2 thumbs up
Did this review help you?
Lennart Green Report this review
Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on April 25th, 2003
OK, this set of videos, is not for you people who are new in magic. The sleights that he performs are very amazing, yet a bit difficult to master. If you are just beginning, you should buy Rocco's D'lite or something. For those of you who are experienced in magic, this is ONE OF THE BEST VIDEOS THAT I HAVE EVER SEEN, and it will help you incredibly, practice is needed for this video, so have a lot of time on your hands!
Did this review help you?

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