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The StaggeRing (AKA The Himber Ring) (Gold) Get HUGE reactions with this feature stage effect. You link three borrowed rings!!! Get HUGE reactions close-up when you link two borrowed rings on a pencil. Highly Recommended!!!
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The Himber Ring is traditionally thought of as a stage magic effect. With this new routine by inventor Rob Stiff you'll have all the power of the stage magician (the stage routine is included), but you'll be able to perform this miracle anytime.

The Stage Effect
Three borrowed finger rings magically link, then unlink, and are returned unharmed to the original owners.

The Close-up Routine
You borrow two rings from two spectators and volunteer your ring as well. You instruct your spectators to place a pencil through all three rings. The two spectators hold each end of the pencil trapping to rings from escape.

Both spectators hold on tight and turn their backs and eyes away while holding the ends of the pencil.

You shake the rings on the pencil a few times (this is a perfect moment for a joke) and tap the pencil three times, counting out-loud "One, Two, Three!"

The spectators, still holding the ends of the pencil, turn around to have a look! You slide the rings off the pencil to reveal that they have all linked together!

You repeat the miracle in in reverse to free the rings.

The pencil and all rings can be handed out for inspection!

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Customer Reviews (showing 1 - 10 of 11)
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well worth it Report this review
Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on October 3rd, 2003
I had the old version of the himber ring which I used for my act, and don't get me wrong the "solid" gold band was great. But staggering is much better for in the hand holding of the spectators, and what with all these new and goofy rings from clothing stores it fits right in.
Did this review help you?
How can you not love it? Report this review
Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on October 20th, 2010
This gimmick is astounding! Ok, its horrible for the suggested close up routine. But for stage.. This is the effect they will be talking about for years! I use this baby after the Chinese linking rings in my stage show. It blows people away! I have performed it dozens of times, and know one has ever questioned it! IT IS POWERFUL!!!!
Did this review help you?
Has possibilities Report this review
Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on April 5th, 2010
I think the StaggeRing looks really obvious. There are little hinge-looking things going all the way around the ring. I like to play with the thing but it I'm not brave enough to think this will hold up to any audience scrutiny.

That being said. I have seen to professional magicians use the StaggeRing to great effect. Chris Angel used two stooges to borrow wedding rings and link them. I also seen Jason Latimer, in front of about 2,000 people, borrow three rings and swap out for the StaggeRing. On the big screen monitor, I could easily see that it was the same StaggeRing I own. I have to say that it blew people away. So in the right setting I think this could be a good utility prop.
Did this review help you?
it is beautiful Report this review
Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on July 1st, 2009
a little tight for me IF one size bigger will be better
Did this review help you?
Great Trick if done right Report this review
Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on June 10th, 2007
A lot of people are posting that this trick is not for the stage or just too flimsy or not examinable. But you have to do this right. I bought this trick and have been using a routine that i saw at a Steve Wyrick magic show and if you do it the way he does it,.. you'll have no problem. Tip: go to las vegas and watch Steve Wyrick.
Did this review help you?
Just got it today!!! Report this review
Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on February 2nd, 2006
I'm really happy with my ring! You can use it for the miracle finnish with pinnacle it's great if you have other ring on band tricks to go with this! It's very well made, it is examinable, but you might want to make sure people pass it arround while quickly examining it. If someone has it for over five seconds they might detect something. It's really cool looking and gold! The only reason why I didn't give this trick 5 stars is because the instructions leave you with a clean slate in terms of presentation ideas. But I'd be more than happy to help with that.
Did this review help you?
No! No! No... Report this review
Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on January 29th, 2006
It's just bad!

I got it with the Ring leader DVD because it comes with the package but it's really not good! It's not in the least bit examinable and the gimmick is so flimsy it's going to break off after a few uses...

The DVD is absolutely superb though and you can use the ring to practice the moves cause you don't need the gimmick to do the moves as it's all sleight of hand.

Just don't buy it as a stand alone!
Did this review help you?
Its ok... Report this review
Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on January 17th, 2006
It is a good idea and it looks pretty nice, but the main problem with it is that it's just too dodgy a trick to give real amazement. Mainly because you need to cover it up so as not to reveal the mechanism, and in the routine! It makes your spectators turn away then they look again and they're all linked... thats pretty much telling them its ur ring thats gimmicked.

It would take genious handling to make it seem magical, and no matter how good or well constructed the prop is, it's just a bit too suspicious...

Looks good though! :D
Did this review help you?
hahahahah... no Report this review
Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on January 2nd, 2006
I'm sorry guys but it's very not examinable, very obvious, and just a clumsy gimmick. It's also not really meant for stage, it's a tad small for that. I got it for free with ring leader, which is like an impomptu, smoother, and more examinable version of this. Don't waste your money on this, get ring leader!
Did this review help you?
Good gimmick, lousy instructions Report this review
Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on January 2nd, 2005
The ring is well made, and is complete examinable because of the quality. However, the instructions for this is lousy and unclear. Penguin should try to come out with an explanation video for this, or get the manufacturer to come out with better instructions. At that price this would be what we expect.
Did this review help you?

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