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Playing Psychic by Matt Mello (Instant Download) A collection of six unique and powerful psychic effects to add to your spiritualism sets!
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This book will be dedicated to some of my effects approaching the psychic/spiritualism theme of mentalism, most pushing their plots into new territories. If you already perform psychic or spiritual work, then I’m positive that this book will have a few unique gems that you’ll wish to add to your collection!


Crystal Cleansing - Among six crystals, a performer is able to sense which one a sitter has channeled their energy into. This is a perfect opener to any psychic set.

Brainwaving - The psychic sends energy into a blindfolded sitter’s left brain or right brain, and they’re able to accurately feel the energy on either side. The process also works as a perfect induction, ready to guide them into deeper states of consciousness.

Palm – Duplicate a person's palm lines as they hold their hand in a tight fist! There is even a version provided that allows you to walk up to a complete stranger, divine their palm print, and then cause the lines to change, positively altering their life path!

Psychic Vibes - A diabolical method of forcing. If you need to force a number, a letter, a card, a shape or drawing, or ANYTHING, this is a very useful tool. There are no decks of cards used or papers to draw on, only yourself and the spectator. The entire process is over in seconds.

Celestial - The psychic is able to divine which planet a sitter is drawn to, giving them a detailed reading in the process.

Animal Sense - A dog’s sixth sense is challenged in a classic living and dead test. This effect will require a dog!

Playing Psychic is a 50 page, PDF manuscript.

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ok i guess Report this review
Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on May 18th, 2016
This manuscript definitely has the feel of something whipped together to sell something. Despite this it does have its moments.

The crystal effect could play strongly and some of the other stuff might also. It is hard to tell as the lack of depth reaffirms the suspicion that much of these are "try this" ideas without a lot of experience behind them.

I bought this for the palm information. The basic concept in the second method of divining the lines effect is absurd. Without exposing this idea let me say if you are a male reading a woman there are very few instances where this will fly. Additionally there are several comments made in this section that indicate the author has not actually read a lot of palms.

I may use the crystal idea so I won't call this a rip-off but on the whole I bought this for the palm reading ideas and really wish I had my twenty bucks back.
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Amazing! Report this review
Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on July 13th, 2015
Amazing book. If you are into this kind of effects, do yourself a favor and get this. Actually get all Matt's book!

Psychic vibes and Brainwave are two amazing things. You just can't go wrong with Matt's material.

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