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The Reputation Maker by Harry Robson and Matthew Wright
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The Reputation Maker sees two-time FISM award-winner, Matthew Wright, team up with the "Godfather of British Magic," Harry Robson, to bring you an incredible learning resource for one of the most powerful weapons in card magic.

A regular deck of cards (which can be borrowed and shuffled by the spectator) is spread and a spectator merely THINKS of any card they see... a totally free choice, no force. The magician or mind reader now reveals the card they are merely thinking of.

Matthew and Harry have over 50 years of experience performing this effect at every gig they do... literally hundreds of thousands of real world performances. Now, for the first time, they are giving all their secrets and tips away in one 80-minute DVD.

With routines and effects designed for complete beginners as well as more advanced students of the art, The Reputation Maker will have you performing this effect right away, with 100% success!

Included on the DVD is step-by-step, in-depth teaching on technique and psychology. They present multiple ways to reveal the thought-of card, including direct mind reading, card to pocket, card under glass, card on shoulder and much more. Also featured is the "Harry Koran Deck," a variation of the think-of-a-card plot that makes this effect instantly accessible to all skill levels. This idea is then taken a step further with an astonishing double prediction that is simple yet diabolically deceiving.

Two of Britain's biggest stars have built their reputations with this trick... now you can too.

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Simple but Complex - Magic trick / mentalism / utility all in one brilliant package Report this review
Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on May 12th, 2017
This DVD teaches a utility / trick that should be a classic because it's so powerful, but is severely underutilized in magic today. After watching this video all I want to do is practice this until I get it perfect. Wright and Robson both state that the reason most magicians don't use it is because they're scared of failure, but with practice a 100% success rate can be ensured.

The basis of the trick is take a borrowed, shuffled deck, show the cards to the spectator and have them think about one card. With no force and minimal to no fishing you are able to reveal their thought of card.

One of the things that's so powerful is the versatility of the trick. The reveal can be spoken, a standard reveal, a color change, a card to impossible location, an ambitious reveal (all covered in the DVD) or wherever your imagination takes you.

The versatility is proven in a live performance where Matthew Wright repeats the exact same trick three times in a row to the same couple, each reveal different, almost like he did three different tricks. And in the same demonstration he shows how the trick can be foolproof because the first time he does the trick the spectator appears to be stubborn, trying to mess him up, and with everything that can go wrong does go wrong he's still able to produce the reveal with astonishing results.

One other thing that makes this a 5+ star video for me is as a lower intermediate magician the fundamentals taught in this course are invaluable. From multiple outs to basic shop talk this video is filled with gold. In my opinion this may be the best card magic DVD I've ever bought.

In addition to the basic trick there is also a variation using a stacked deck including a clipped variation. Also two visual forces are taught, one pretty basic and another one that can only be compared to the classic force.

The only negative I have, and it is minor, is there are a few editing / production flaws. With information this valuable I felt a bit surprised these were there. However, the vast majority of the video looks great.

This video is great for all levels of magic. For the beginner or intermediate magician the moves are simple and the fundamentals taught are fundamentals all magicians need to know. And for the advanced magician if you are not using a think of a card trick then you should be, and this is the video to show you or remind you how to do it. This may be the most powerful but most underutilized utility in magic today. Both Wright and Robson say they use this trick in every single gig they do and I see why. And after watching this video you most likely will want to too.
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Very big disappointment Report this review
Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on April 23rd, 2017
It's dicey and tricky and absolutely useless right now.. . You've got to practice half your lifetime to get this right.. ... and soooo many things can go wrong... and all the patter and blather and misdirection.. It's a wonder that it works for the two of them.. . and the effect itself is no big deal the whole thing is rather forced.
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