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Queen City Transpo by Luke Dancy (Instant Download) A dynamite effect that will enable the average card handler to look like a seasoned pro!
Price: $9.95
In stock: Download INSTANTLY.

Penguin magic is proud to announce the latest addition to its ever growing collection of popular downloads, Queen City Transpo. In this effect, the spectators watch as cards change places right before their eyes. At the end of the performance they will believe that they have watched a brilliant demonstration of expert card magic. In truth, thanks to a couple of very clever gaffs, a high amount of skill is not required to master this bewildering card trick.

Here is a summary of the action:

The spectator takes any card from a deck of Bicycle cards and signs it with a Sharpie pen. The performer then removes the four queens from the deck and displays them. (Actually any four court cards of the same denomination will work just as well.) The rest of the deck is then put aside.

The performer proceeds to take the spectator’s signed card and turn it face down. He then places two of the four queens in his shirt pocket and shows that the cards remaining in his hand are the two red queens.

Here comes the amazing finale. The following revelations are made sequentially without any fancy moves on the part of the performer:

1. The two red queens are turned over in the performer’s hand. The performer merely waves them over his shirt pocket and they are then shown to be the two black queens that were previously placed in his shirt pocket.

2. The spectator’s signed card is pushed through the performer’s bare hand and visibly becomes the two red queens.

3. The performer reaches into his shirt pocket and proceeds to pull out the spectator’s signed card.

At that point the spectators are blinking their eyes in disbelief!

Be sure to check out the demo video to watch this impressive routine being performed. Then you can go on to purchase this winner by clicking the “Add to Cart” button located at the top and bottom of the page.

Once you have bought this terrific effect, it will take you no more than 15 minutes to set it up for many future performances. A good while later, another 15 minutes of handiwork will prepare you for a new cycle of showings. Note that this prep work is so simple that it could easily be done by a nine year old child.

Although this effect is not for beginners, it requires no more than a skill level of “6” on a scale of 1 to 10 to master it, even though it appears to be far more difficult.

The instruction video provided by Penguin Magic is extremely clear, but it should be viewed at least two or three times for the purchaser to make sure that he/she fully understands the workings of the effect.

Like any good piece of magic, this one requires a certain amount of practice to be performed smoothly and convincingly. However, this writer, who is not an experienced card handler, found that this effect was fairly easy to master. You too will see that after several practice runs, the quality of your presentation will start to improve very rapidly.

This trick will make a very welcome addition to your magic arsenal and it can be yours for less than $ 10.

Try it. You’ll like it!

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Customer Reviews (showing 1 - 5 of 5)
Pretty good Report this review
Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on April 9th, 2010
This is a pretty cool packet trick to perform. It is definitely one of the better transpositions out there but I only give it three stars because it does require some set up. You'll also need to pick up some supplies in order to do this trick but you can find it almost anywhere and it is fairly inexpensive. Having said that, this is a packet trick and like most packet tricks, they are gimmicked. Don't let that turn you off though, because this trick will get great reactions.
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Queen City Transpo Report this review
Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on March 4th, 2006
In my opinion this trick is an absolute stunner. I did it to my father and he was shocked. I think this trick is great.
Add to cart!!!
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Too Gimmicked Report this review
Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on May 22nd, 2005
This is a decent effect that will wow spectators, but it's a little too gimmicked for my liking. I prefer more impromptu tricks, and this requires too much set up. For a great impromptu trick that requires no set up and can even be done with a borrowed deck, go with Triumph.
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Good Strong Effect Report this review
Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on April 25th, 2005
This is a good trick. I like it, don't love it, but like it. It's super fair feeling, easy to learn, and visually strong. However, I would say it's an anywhere any time trick, and it can be kind of finicky.
Did this review help you?
Not what I expected! Report this review
Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on April 18th, 2005
This effect is VERY beautifuly created. I expected a bunch of super fancy moves that would take quite a while to master. But I was wrong. This is so easy, and so convincing. There's one risky move, but it's hardly detectable. You don't end clean, but the effect is so convincing, with no funny moves, the spectator wont think anything of it. This is like three effects in one. Two transpositions and a signed card to pocket! The teaching method is a little rough but it's worth the price.
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