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Hypervisual (With Cards) by Jay Sankey - DVD
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"What inspires BELIEF in other people? Things they can SEE. The HYPERVISUAL project features an amazing collection of specially printed Bicycle brand cards, each of them designed to create a visually shocking illusion people will remember for years to come. Pips move, back designs transform and holes appear and vanish. But not only is this card magic people can really SEE, it's also card magic people can TOUCH. Many of the effects not only happen IN THE HANDS OF THE AUDIENCE, but a moment after the magic happens the playing cards can be HANDED OUT FOR EXAMINATION. Several of the very special cards can even be kept in your pack at all times with very little chance of being discovered by even a close examination of the pack. In other words, instead of having to secretly add them before or after an effect, these special cards can quietly sit among all the other ordinary cards like secret weapons. Featuring brand new routines, as well as several of my most visual card effects that have been unavailable for years, HYPERVISUAL is one of the most powerful collections of card magic I've ever released. Because when it comes to magic: SEEING really IS believing." - Jay Sankey

Includes 11 specially-printed Bicycle playing cards plus an instructional DVD with over TWO HOURS of magic and mental effects!

Many of the routines happen IN THE HANDS OF THE AUDIENCE and then the playing cards can be handed out for close examination!

Several of the very special cards can even be kept IN YOUR PACK at all times with very little chance of being discovered!

Many of the routines include SEVERAL different handlings and presentations, so one will be perfect for your skill level and style.

Here are just a few of the outstanding effects:

LOCOMOTION: The pip on a selected card is visibly PUSHED across the surface of the card and then the card is handed out for examination!

IN CASE OF EMERGENCY: A prediction written on the card case undergoes a startling transformation! And the case is handed out!

SHIFT: The back design on a selected card mysteriously 'shifts' 45 degrees! It then magically 'shifts back' in the spectator's own hands!

SLEEPING BEAUTIES: The two faces on the Queen of Diamonds both "fall asleep" and the card can be handed out so everyone can verify that their eyes are truly SHUT!

TERRA UNFIRMA: A 'pretend hole' is stuck to a card and a moment later the hole becomes REAL!

UBERCHANGE: A card visibly changes despite a sticker initialed by the spectator STUCK TO ITS FACE!

OUT OF CONTROL: This INCREDIBLE 3-climax mental routine might be one of the most mysterious versions of "Do As I Do" ever!

Learn all the insane card changes Jay is famous for, taught in the kind of detail that only Jay provides!

Learn how to obtain card breaks, make the most of card changes, incorporate spectator initials and signature into gimmicked card work and which card changes work best in which performing situation.

Jay also discusses the effective use of time lapses, the power of confidence, buckling cards, the secrets of technical speed and the 'unbroken rhythm,' rare information on the Botop (Bottom/Top) Card Change the difference between magic and confusion.

As an added bonus, Jay also 'tips the work' on his DOUBLE Erdanse/Houdini Change, the Starfish Change, Flip/Toss Move, Shanghai Change as well as an in depth analysis of the One Hand Top palm (which many serious card workers believe to be one of the most valuable sleights in all of card magic.)


  • SHIFT (3 handlings!)
  • SLEEPING BEAUTIES (5 handlings!)
  • IN CASE OF EMERGENCY (2 handlings!)
  • LOCOMOTION (5 handlings!)
Running Time Approximately 2hr 29min

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Best DVD on color changes. Report this review
Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on April 30th, 2014
Every weekend I visit my relatives and when I do I show them card magic. The week after I got this my aunt said that there was an enormous improvement in my magic. The changes are great, the routines are outstanding, and I really can't say enough about this. Highly recommended.
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great dvd Report this review
Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on April 4th, 2010
bought this from sankey magic a while back and was impressed with the diversity of effects and gimmicks that accompany this dvd. often as magicians, we are forced to buy our gimmick cards seperatly as we need them. however this dvd comes with 11 great gimmicks that you can begin to use right away. add to cart!
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Absolutely AMAZING! Report this review
Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on April 3rd, 2010
I can't say enough about how great this DVD is it gets some amazing reactions and the deck can be looked through with minimal chance they'll spot the gimmicks. The DVD menu is easy to use and the actual effects taught in the DVD are clear and to the point.
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Hypervisual is right! Report this review
Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on April 2nd, 2010
Talk about visual! Wow! One of Jay's latest offerings to the fraternity is bound to leave you speechless. First of all there are a ton of killer color changes and vanishes and switches, but in addition to that you get a handful of groovy special printer cards. One of which is a Queen with her eyes closed. Way cool and way creepy.

Jay takes the time to discuss various ideas and handling and routines for each of the special printed cards. You will definitely find something for your arsenal in this DVD.

How 'bout this one: a spectator signs a sticker and sticks it to the face of a playing card. The card then magically transforms around the sticker to be a totally different card. What about hypnotizing a Queen causing her eyes to close while the spectators are staring right at the card. Then cause the eyes to reopen instantly.

Look guys, you all know that Jay and I are buds and that we've even done a project together, but part of the reason that we are buds is because first of all he's just a genuinely nice guy and a great friend, but what interested me in pursuing a relationship with Jay in the first place was his incredible magic and his contribution to the community o the magi. So believe me when I say that if I didn't really love this DVD, I wouldn't be preachin' it right now... Check it out! It's a GEM!
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