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Touch Tricks Vol. 1
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You Will Learn:

- How to impress your family, friends, business colleagues or anyone... anywhere with your iPhone or iPod touch... all in less than an hour of installing your new 'virtual magic kit'.

- The secrets to performing for strangers even if you don't have any prior knowledge or experience performing at all.

- Entertain people that will not be "turned off" by you approaching them... they'll enjoy it so much that they will want you to stay and show them more (and you may even make a new friend or two!)

- How to conquer the widespread fear of being in front of people and not knowing what to do or say (this alone is worth the price of 10 volumes in this series... in how it can help you in life

- Getting the Touch Tricks Vol. 1 early on will ensure no one has ever seen these tricks performed before!

- How to take your magic to the next level if you already are a magician... from Newbie-to-Pro.

- Professional Magicians: How to instantly incorporate NEW tricks on your iPhone or iPod touch into your gigs this week!

- And so much more...

No "Jail-Break" Required
100% "Will Work" Guarantee

Here is how the Touch Trick series teaches you:

It starts you from scratch, so you won't need any experience or prior knowledge. Just download and install the files from us and from the very beginning you'll be well on your way to learning everything you need to know to performing magic tricks on your iPhone or iPod touch.

It doesn't use any difficult 'slight-of-hand' techniques, so you can expect to be performing magic tricks without having to rely on previous abilities! You're going to understand the "how" and "why" behind the illusions, in less than an hour.

Let's get right to what's included:

The four included highly entertaining tricks are simple and easy to learn and they can be used literally anywhere in almost every situation (and wait until you see the BONUS content you can show others as well.)

Here's a detailed overview of the tricks you can expect to learn in Touch Tricks Vol. 1:

Postcards from the Prefrontal Cortex
You've just received a very special postcard and have it in your iPod just waiting for you to find an unsuspecting audience (the more people the better.) You ask your audience to think of several different things: numbers, letters, geography, and even a zoo resident.

Then, before ANYONE says a thing, you turn around your postcard... asking them to reveal what they've been thinking about... and you prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that you knew EXACTLY what they were thinking of!!

Thought Whisper
This effect is an ultra-modern twist on a true classic! You ask your audience to just think of a number. You then turn on your iPod and show them a new piece of "software that is sensitive to thought waves." Moments after starting the application, the screen shows a fan of cards and you ask them to again just think of one of them. Now the application turns the faces of the cards down... and proceeds to tune into their thoughts... only to pull aside one of the cards. The faces of the remaining cards are turned back over... and it is seen that the very card being thought of by the spectator has been removed! Even better... the cards are pushed to the edge of the screen... and the spectator is asked to concentrate on their number... to picture it in their mind's eye... and all of a sudden THE number they are thinking of fades onto the screen!!

And the Winners are...
You love movies... and it shows!! You're about to create on the spot a new "magical academy" with your volunteer... and about to blow them out of the water. They make 3 choices... a food item, a movie parody title, and best performers (x2) for the award show you and your audience are about to attend on your iPod.

Everything is done in the open and on the "up and up"... and not only did your volunteer make all the choices... they also got all the WINNERS RIGHT!! Easy to do and fun for all ages.

Can I Get Your Number?
The unknown and supernatural realms are fascinating subjects in our culture. You're about to show someone that there might just be something to the ideas of Numerology (the study of the meanings of numbers and their influence on human life) and Color Readings (the study of color influence on personality, choices, etc.)

Your volunteer just THINKS of a number and through some revealing insights from the colors they've selected... you are able to tell them EXACTLY what number they were thinking of... without ANYONE writing ANYTHING down if you choose!

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