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Pockets Full of MiraclesArtist(s): Diamond Jim TylerRunning Time(s): n/aAlso Available in PAL Format: Yes A 2-Tape Set of Secrets from the Repertoire of a Professional Close-Up MagicianDiamond Jim Tyler combines precise methods with super patter to transform his exciting effects into extraordinary enigmas. Jim teaches you all the inside tips, super patter, subtle nuances, and audience management to guarantee you to get the shocked expressions, the admiration, and the applause. This 2-video set features over 25 of Diamond Jim`s dazzling routines that will fit in either a close-up or parlor show, including:Animated Cardbox - It`s alive! Quick, call ghostbusters! It`s Halloween every time you perform this spooky, spirited effect. Your Bicycle card case seems inhabited by an otherworldly force as it suddenly springs to life and starts moving by itself in your palm! It then STANDS UP AND OPENS for you to place your cards into it! You can immediately pass the deck out for inspection.Pieces of Eight - It`s a piece of pure up close mystery. Coins penetrate, vanish, reappear and even fly! Then, you`ll hit `em with this spectacular climax - A jumbo coin appears under a glass and then another jumbo coin appears under the same glass! Diamond Jim`s pet routine for years!Fire Ball - You`re sizzling hot! Openly tear a piece of paper into small pieces - squeeze `em - place the compressed pieces onto the tip of a needle and touch the paper with a cigarette lighter. It bursts into a brilliantly colored fireball! When the fire subsides, you remove the paper and it`s completely restored!You`ll have a ball with Fire Ball . . .and with every other exciting effect in Diamond Jim`s potpourri of pocket miracles. There`s everything from a great gag with a borrowed bill, to a comedy shuffling routine, a shoot-out with a playing card, Spellbound with crystals, a one handed Ace revelation, a hilarious Thumbcuff escape, a perplexing baseball production from a box of cards, finding a selection with a mousetrap, a Finger Ring and String routine, a floating straw plus . . . Invisible Thumbscrews Paperweight Mathemagic Cards Three Burnt Matches Burning Impressions Trapdoor Coins. Frog Hair Diamond`s Dazzler Nimble Corks Wise Guys Can`t Count Whatever It Takes The Birthday Bill

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