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pal Card Artistry video Andrew Wim
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"Wow! A genuine card expert of the highest level-a real artist. Extremely knowledgeable, inventive and with brilliant technique!" - Lennart Green

They say you never get a second chance to make a first impression. Sometimes though, that isn't the case, as recalled by card man extraordinaire, Jack Carpenter: "First impressions are not always to be relied upon. It was not until the wee hours of the morning, on the last day of a convention, that I got my ears 'boxed' watching this young Aussie handle a pack of playing cards. He had the touch. It was evident at the first riffle shuffle. He knew how to handle a pack of cards: gentleness complimented with precision; a commanding air of expertise that manifested itself at his fingertips, but emanated from the heart of a man who truly knows what card manipulation is all about. A man who knows what card work should look like, and yes, what it should feel like. And he could deal from the center of the deck - beautifully."


  • Cheater's Aces - a simple but strong version of a Doc Daley classic
  • Spread 'Em - a stunning revelation of four cards from a tabled spread
  • Ultimate Topsy-Turvy Aces - a very convincing version of Marlo's stand-out routine, you won't believe the killer displays in this beautiful effect
  • The Spectator Estimates the Aces - a commercial handling for another Marlo routine, with an original eye-popping method for the last ace
  • The Wimhurst Poker Deal - a center dealing demonstration with a double-duking twist, this is the real deal-you simply won't believe it!
  • How to Cheat at 21 - an impossible location version of the hoary old chestnut, this effect is almost self-working and has put the hurt on some of magic's best minds
  • The Expert at the Bridge Table - a very funny poker demo ends with a totally unsuspected Grand Slam bridge deal!
  • Aussie Cooler - a simple, entertaining routine that Andrew uses for walk-around performances, featuring an explanation of Andrew's Fan Peek-an outstanding utility sleight with cards
  • Johnny Mnemonic (The Super Power Memory Routine) - Andrew's closer for his formal shows, this is a powerhouse demonstration of memory techniques that leaves an audience reeling. After the spectator shuffles the deck, Andrew memorizes the cards in a matter of seconds, then performs a series of stunning magical and gambling deals.

In addition to all of these great routines, this video contains a wealth of information for the card magician, including a full explanation of the top-down faro shuffle, false shuffles, cutting revelations, stacks, deals and even a super simple deck switch you'll put to use as soon as you see it!

Running Time: Approximately 90 Minutes

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