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Collaboration Cube by Akira Fujii & Hideki Tani
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This is an incredible effect and routine with a puzzle cube by two Atsukawa Award Magicians, Akira Fujii and Hideki Tani. It contains a "sucker trick" and unexpected surprise ending in one routine. This trick is perfect for comedy routines.

A magician displays all six sides of a mixed puzzle cube. He states that he has the ability to solve it instantly. As he is saying this, the puzzle cube is immediately solved right in front of the spectators! The spectators think the trick is over at this point, but there is more to come.

The magician mixes up the puzzle cube again and says that he can solve it in 10 seconds. While the magician has a spectator count to 10, the magician tries to solve the cube. As the countdown ends it seems the cube hasn't been yet... but the magician claims that he made it! The magician points to another puzzle cube on the table. The color combinations of all six sides of both cubes are completely the same! However, it is still not the end of the routine.

The magician says that "I guess I should solve both cubes completely". He holds the puzzle cube and waves it sideways... Instantly the cube is solved! The cube can be handed out to spectators for examination.

The routine starts with a laugh, and then the spectator realizes the laugh is part of the next surprise. It finishes with a beautiful climax. The handling is outstanding and the techniques explained in the DVD are brilliant! The false shuffle by Akira Fujii is so effective it can be used for other puzzle cube routines.

The product includes both a gimmicked and ungimmicked puzzle cube (both 2.5" x 2.5" x 2.5"), as well as a DVD containing the full routine presented live and step-by-step instruction.

*The DVD may not play in all DVD players but will play in computers.

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good Report this review
Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on June 15th, 2015
In brief about the effect,you take out a mixed cube and bet to the audience that u will be able solve it a matter of seconds and you did it by actually opening the box of cube(this box looks like a cube but actually just a box,they provide u with this box) which contains a solved real cube inside.Yeah thats just a comedy though,and then you will then mix the rubiks cube and claim that u will solve it again .. after 10 seconds .. spectator would think that you dont solve anything , but actually you did make the rubiks cube exactly matched with the box which looks like a cube.You then gesture one handed for 6 seconds and the cube finally solved

1 good for comedy show

2 they supply you with a good cube and a box of cube that will disguise as a cube ..

1 it is actually not a miracle at all to me cuz the cube is never be handed out to spectator for mixing , spectator would rather believe that you just remember the pattern and undo the process , well its your job then to convince that you truely mix randomly the cube .. in this dvd they teach how to false scramble the cube ..

2 its only good for making people laugh in a show , not really for doing something miracle that will blow people's mind .. you cant reallt blow people's mind with this

3 you have to practice to be able to perfectly do the last move with one hand .. its really simple moves but you also have to play around with the cube supplied in order to know exactly the 'attitude' of the cube.Its a good cube but not really that smooth though .. sometimes it stucked so you have to practice to be able to handle and tackle the problems
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Good for comedy, but terrible for magicians Report this review
Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on December 30th, 2016
I love the Rubik's cube and in my show I perform many effects with it.
The collaboration cube sounded to me like a nice addition to my show. Unfortunately there is nothing magical about it. At most it may be considered as a puzzle... but to be honest not even a good puzzle. It's more like a comedy effect that really has nothing to do with magic.

I kind of feel ripped off and I consider this to be one of the worst purchase of this year. Not recommend unless you're a comedian (that's why I am giving it two stars).
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