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Natural Force Books 1 Driscoll
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Just released, "Natural Force Books I" printed edition, a few years back Ken Driscoll released a handful of these as ebooks and they were well received. To explain them a little better we'll just say that with "Natural Force Book I" you'll easily be able to perform book tests like Max Maven's "Autome" from vol. 1 of his Videomind DVD series... In fact this book came about in large part because of what Max taught in those DVDs... The idea of turning nearly any book into a force book was exremely appealing, however the idea of searching books for commonalities seemed like it would be impossible or at the very least time consuming... however while doing it Ken devised this system which helped in making nearly every book he opened a force book. Out of about 20 books he was easily able to come up with 15 or 16 force books... by changing the prediction, or as Max recommends in "Autome" doing a simple drawing after they read the first two or three line of text on the page turned to. This could be quite easily the best money you'll ever spent on book test material, because here you'll be able to use nearly any paper back book you pick up as part of your act; with this system the book could become a precious souvenir at the end of your performance... try that with some of the high end book tests. We call this "Natural Force Book I" because there will be a book II, in it we hope to add your ideas, more books, and better yet more prediction ideas...


As a bonus, you'll receive our "Canasta Re-Visited"  this is an idea based on one of Canasta's effect in which he would have audience members call up letters of the alphabet, after so many letter were called up, he and the audience would rearrange the letters to form a word... then his prediction would be opened and the words would match, with our version... a member of the audience calls out a three digit number (this is truly a random number, no math is used to cut it down to the number you want. no stooge is used to assure it being the number you want, and there is no pre-show work... the number is random and could be called out by anyone) now you begin having letters of the alphabet called up to you as you write them on a board or pad. When the board/pad is filled with letter you and the audience begin searching the board (like a giant word search game) for any words that may have been formed randomly by the audience (again the letters al called up randomly... there are no stooges... no pre-show work... nothing is handed out to the audience... they are simply asked to think of a letter and call it when you get to them) as words are found they are circled and written in the margin... now a member of the audience turns to the page number matching the three digit number previously called out by an audience member and reads aloud the first three or four lines... much to everyone's surprise the words they formed match the words in the text on the page also randomly called out.


This is a great instruction manual as you not only get the information on how to turn any book into a force book, but you'll also get the ins-and-outs of our Canasta routine along with some other forcing ideas.  

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