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8th Sense by James T. Cheung and Shrink
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<8THSENSE_TEXT1>Extended sight -with an accomplice

The mentalist puts up five $20 bills as a challenge. All the spectator has to do is not give away the location of a personal object which he/she has been hidden under one of five paper cups while the mentalists back is turned. Then five tests are carried out one-by-one. The mentalist wins back each $20 bill as he locates the object by reading body language voice tonality and logical deduction.

The mentalist at the other side of the room reproduces (real-time) a drawing made by a member of the audience without even coming near the spectator or their drawing.

The mentalist holds up the correct number of fingers and on the same hand as a spectator standing at the back of the room and behind him. Not only that another member of the audience is covering the mentalist's eyes with his/her hands.

Blindfolded mentalists can tell the difference between red and black playing cards held up behind his head. He then asks the spectator to deal cards face up and stop at card he/she feels drawn to. Then another spectator opens a sealed envelop. It says "you will be attracted to (whatever card)..." And matches the spectator's choice. The possibilities are endless...

8th Sense is small, portable and has a manufacturers guaranteed minimum range of 50ft with 100ft ranges possible depending on conditions. It can be installed in a couple of minutes on most tables. 8th Sense is a unique product. No other system offers this much functionality at this price!

8th Sense comes with 5 specially gaffed film canisters, 8th Sense sensor system, key fob remote control plus 10 pages full of instructions, routines and forum access.

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