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Enchanted Cube vs Rubicon

What is the difference between the enchanted cube and rubicon? They seem like they have the same principle except one is way cheaper than the other. I might be missing something. In that case please let me know.

Asked at 12:25am on April 4th, 2019 by sublimespartan (-1 karma)
5 Answers
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Spartan: The toss-up solve in Enchanted Cube is instant, whereas the one-handed solve in Rubicon takes 15-30 seconds (on purpose). They're very different in intent, method, and motivation. The solve in Enchanted Cube is the entire point of the effect, whereas with Rubicon the match is the main effect and the solve is more of a bonus phase. The Enchanted Cube solve requires a gimmicked cube, but the Rubicon solve does not.

Answered at 09:02pm on April 14th, 2019 by magicsteeple (327 karma)
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They are completely different effects and methods. The only similarity is that they both use a Rubik's Cube.

Enchanted Cube: A mixed cube is tossed in the air and it solves itself.

Rubicon: The spectator and magician mix 2 cubes and they end up matching. The magician then solves the cube with one hand.

So, it depends on what you want to do.

Answered at 11:15am on April 8th, 2019 by joshburch (224 karma)
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Thank you josh and steeple

Answered at 07:25pm on April 17th, 2019 by sublimespartan (-1 karma)
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I want to try to make this as clear as possible so I'll break down the two routines:

1. Hand a cube to a spectator to be mixed (Cannot be done with The Enchanted Cube)
2. Pull out another cube and show that the cubes match perfectly (Cannot be done with The Enchanted Cube)
3. Optional ending: Slowly solve the mixed cube with one hand (Cannot be done with The Enchanted Cube, but is taught if you want to introduce another cube to The Enchanted Cube routine)

Enchanted Cube Classic Presentation
1. Show a mixed cube. Toss the cube into the air and watch it solve itself (Cannot be done with Rubicon)

Enchanted Cube Greg Wilson's Presentation
1. Show the mixed cube, toss it into the air and it solves itself (Cannot be done with Rubicon)
2. Introduce another mixed cube (this is not the enchanted cube, it is a normal cube that has been specially prepared) and solve it with one hand. This one-handed solve is similar to the solve in Rubicon but similar solves have been used by Garrett Thomas, Takamitsu Usui, and made popular by Stephen Brundage.
3. With a mixed cube in one hand and a solved cube in the other, you toss both cubes in the air and both cubes become solved (Cannot be done with Rubicon)

As you can see, the tricks are completely different. Rubicon is basically a piece of mentalism. The Enchanted cube is a quick visual piece of magic.

Here is a video that I made underlining the differences:

Answered at 01:53pm on April 15th, 2019 by joshburch (224 karma)
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Hey Josh thank you for the answer. However I must say that your description of Rubicon is actually demonstrated in the enchanted cube trailer because Mr. Wilson does in fact use 2 cubes and solves with one hand in his routine. Only difference that I see is that the spectator does not get to mix the cubes in this one.

Answered at 05:45pm on April 11th, 2019 by sublimespartan (-1 karma)
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