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> Rainmaker by Karl Hein

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Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on March 29th, 2018
I love the effect. But at $20 (which honestly is kinda high for what it is), a few things to know before you purchase it that the video doesn't seem to mention.

The gimmick isn't exactly original and it'll cost about $6 additional to make,so be ready to hit a dollar store.

You need BIG hands to get the most out of this effect. Mine are average size so I can't hide 50 individual bills like he implies doing up close. I can get maybe $20 so far before angles turn into a problem.

You'll need to practice the handling A LOT if you're new to this sort of effect. The "sleights" as we'll call them need some muscle memory if you want it to look good and not blow your cover.

Last but not least, this is a good one to surprise people with if you're not up for being inspected yet. If you use his presentation and tell them it's coming they'll be looking, and I'm not ready for that. I've only done it once for an audience (so far), but I deliberately ordered $6 of drinks and counted out 5 singles just like he did, acted exasperated for a moment, and then turned it into about $15 without saying a word between reaching in my pocket and producing the effect. Plenty enough to astound a barkeep that didn't see it coming.

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Jul 20th 2018 9:44pm
Do what is best for your size hands and Start with fewer bills like, 3 or 4. 20 is impressive, but if you can do 20, I’m also willing to bet you could do 25-30. But do what is comfortable to you. My problem with these style money tricks is I can never find a reason to do them, they just don’t fit my style, but I do like it and think Karl did an excellent job with this take.

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