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> Thief of Hearts by R. Paul Wilson

Cute trick, great for beginners Report this review
Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on April 23rd, 2018
If you're new to card magic, you'll enjoy this trick. The moves are simple, few, and require virtually no previous skill (as long as you practice). This is the type of trick you perform in a relaxed environment, especially with couples, for obvious reasons. I can see myself doing this at a wedding reception.

More advanced magicians won't necessarily find anything new here, but there is a nice little basic shuffle force that beginners will find easy to learn and handy to use.

Paul, as usual, does a great job teaching. What I like about him is that he doesn't just blow through it. He takes his time and doesn't skip any moves or assume you know things.

As for the trick itself, as I mentioned in my title, it's cute. It's one of those "awwww" tricks that the ladies like. For me personally, I like tricks where people go "wow!" or "whooooaaahhhh!" or "what the fudgcicles?!!!" (Well, you know...) This isn't one of those. It's just cute.

But you know what? Everyone needs a cute trick... something to give your spectators a little breather from all the "what the fudgcicles?!!!" tricks. In the right setting, for example for a table where a couple is celebrating an anniversary, this trick is more likely to woo them and net you a better tip than something fancy shmancy. It just seems more "appropriate" for that kind of situation, which I think even the spectators will appreciate. A trick like this has its place in just about anyone's repertoire. Will I use it often? No. Will I use it on special occasions? Yes.

My opinion is, if you are new to magic, get this trick. It's simple, has a nice story, and you can't go wrong with learning from a great such as Paul Harris. If you're advanced and think you know how this trick works, this trick may be a little too simple for you. Of course, again, it IS Paul Harris, so even an advanced magician may take away a point or two from this.

I'm happy I got this. I'm not blown away, but this is a nice little trick.

(By the way, I always try to be honest and straightforward in my reviews, while being respectful to the magician. If you appreciate my reviews, can you please click the "Yes" button below beside the question, "Did this review help you?" It's not like I actually benefit in any way by your clicking it... but it would be nice to see if my reviews are helpful or not. I hope they are. If you ever have suggestions or comments or questions about my reviews, please feel free to leave me a constructive comment. I'm just trying to be helpful. I love the Penguin community and hope that I can someday contribute my own product. :-) Thanks for reading and for any (hopefully positive, but either way, at least kind) feedback!)

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Apr 29th 2019 2:05pm
Great review, just a correction. This trick is by R. Paul Wilson, not Paul Harris.

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