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Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on June 20th, 2018
I give this a four-star it is a really nice effect. You must however be careful that no one is behind you when you take the photos. You can really have a spectator think of any card and present this as a mental effect or you can have a spectator really choose any card from any deck. If you are fast when it comes to finding your app and choosing the card that The Spectator chose you can really make this a nice trick and no one will even think that there is an app at play. It all depends on your presentation so be creative. Some people are trying to download the app without making the purchase only to find that you need a code and they're giving it a bad review in the App Store. Have fun and again be creative that's what magic is all about I prefer to actually have the spectator take the deck choose a card have a Spectators friend hold their fingers up The Spectator will show me the card I will then pretend that I'm thinking of it and bring my mentalism at Play as I quickly find that card on the app I will take the picture of their friend holding their fingers out and when I show the photo which by the way will automatically go to your photo library that is the cool part and wow just like that no one is really thinking of an app it just looks like a really cool magic .trick

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Jun 21st 2018 10:17pm
I think the inventor of this trick should enable a microphone feature on the app. You say the spectators card after they reveal it too you and then the app recognises what card you have said and instantly changes the picture and saves to camera role. This would be a mind blowing trick but would take a good amount of work.

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Jun 22nd 2018 5:55am
Does the card have to be head on for this to work (I.e. Not tilting towards the sides), and if the spectator moves a bit will it damage the method at all? I'm asking because I've seen effects like these in the past and the app was a bit of a pain to work with. If this one makes the process of putting the digital impression on the card quick and easy, I'm buying it asap.

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