The ultimate close-up tossed-out deck.

> Impression Vanish by Peter Boie

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Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on October 11th, 2018
While the idea is good and gimmick clever, I am disappointed in the trailer leaving out that the pencil needs to go in your pocket after the vanish. In the trailer it appears to be set on the table while the water erases the impression. I give this 5 starts on creativity and originality and the routine itself. Lost 2 stars because everything can not be immediately examined. And the routine does not play out exactly as it does in the trailer.

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Oct 12th 2018 4:55am
How many times did you rewind the demo? That's what they see live with no rewind button. All the attention is focused on the image/penny. There is no heat on the pencil except in your head due to magicians guilt.

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Jun 14th 2019 8:37pm
RobertTobias, I see people holding phones all the time. Not once have I allowed anyone to record me, for that reason. I've never had to ask someone to put their phone away, because I convey an energy that keeps them busy watching, and not thinking of recording me.

Dont let them use their "rewind" capabilities, and you wont have anything to worry about.

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May 26th 2019 6:54pm
Anyone like myself think we could also use a steel s*** sh***? I think it would also work in place of the P****. Thanks, hoping I didn't reveal any tips on the method, just wondering if it would also work. I understand what makes this work.

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May 21st 2019 3:04am
Geez, are you all kidding me!?
No one carries a sharpened pencil in their pants pocket.
Use a suit jacket and get over the fact that you ditch the pencil, because YOU ARE NOT DITCHING THE PENCIL!
You are putting it away.
I noticed the ditch of the pencil in the demo's...
Relax, Be natural, put the pencil away, or heck, use it as the magic wand and quit feeling guilty! Great trick. Practice, practice, practice, then Rehearse and go have FUN!

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May 15th 2019 10:38am
I think you have not seen the second video for the pencil correctly - this one is put in the pocket.

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May 14th 2019 7:19pm
Did any of you watch the second video? It shows the real world presentation, the ditch is flawless with no funny moves. He uses the cup of water as misdirection before ditching the pencil...

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May 14th 2019 1:10pm
I agree with this comment 100% the trick is creative yes however the demo does leave out the ditch of the gimmick which does need to happen before the vanish sequence.

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May 14th 2019 12:23pm
I have to commend Penguin on getting a bit better with their video edits. HOWEVER, in this demo Peter takes the borrowed penny in his left hand. In the twinkling of an eye, it's in his right hand and a sheet of paper has materialized in his left. If it happened as it is depicted in the video it's even more magical than the effect. As it is, potential purchasers may have a difficult time assessing the amount of flailing about needed with portions of the presentation removed.

As for spectators not having a rewind button, I've noticed that these days more and more regular people are walking around with cellular telephones that can be equipped with their own built in video recorders. With the benefit of such technology it is reasonable to expect spectators *will* have access to a rewind button.

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