This must-have tool for mentalists just got WAY BETTER.

> C3 by R. Paul Wilson

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Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on October 24th, 2018
I hate to say it but I immediately figured out the trick just by Shin Lim's performance. That is in no way an insult to his performance or the effect. It absolutely kills with its simplicity and in the hands on Shin Lim it's theater. If you didn't figure it out BUY IT NOW!

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Oct 25th 2018 4:24am
If you intend to perform it, you should buy it. It's Paul Wilson's trick and he put a lot of thought into developing it. Buying it, gives you the right to perform it.

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Oct 27th 2018 11:24am
It's not as if I stole the effect, made a YouTube video teaching it for free or uploaded it on some torrent site. All I said was it's incredibly simplistic and effective. I never said I'm throwing it in my set. I just wanted to leave a positive review for an amazing effect.

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Oct 31st 2018 4:44pm
Why the hell would he buy it if hes got it all figured out ...

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Nov 10th 2018 3:12pm
Sure you did. My BS meter went off reading your post. It amazes me what people will say for attention. This is where you come in and say you're welcome to believe me or not, it makes no difference to me.

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