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Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on December 17th, 2018
I may not be shown as a "verified buyer" because I got this product from the creator himself. There are several reasons this product is 5 stars and considered top notch by me. I'll try to enumerate some:

1- the number of elements put together to make this illusion possible is very complex. One may think it's a couple of paper boxes plus a "special way" in which the small object appears inside the watch. Like a nest of boxes in steroids. Okay. But it's not. You have a sum of strong and clever electronic engineering involved, 3D printed pieces perfect to details, arts and crafts of the highest level, an activation mode that makes everyone's jaws drop and, if you're not convinced yet, you have a nice beautiful and fully funcional watch you can wear everyday : )

2- the plot: sorry, but this is not a ring flight. Call this a ring flight is an insult (in my honest opinion). This is an object to an (oh my goodness, wtf!!!) impossible location. All magicians love a nice and well executed nest of boxes because it leaves a strong impact. Pause. Now we're witnessing a small object inside THE CASE of a watch, and this watch is inside and well protected by two sealed boxes. AND this action takes less than a second to happen. "The gimmick does all the work for you"- True!!!

3- You can perform it close up, I mean, very close, leaving the spectator without a clue of what has happened, or on stage, because even from distance a box is always a box (inside another box) and a watch is always a watch. Like a bill inside an orange. All the elements can be clearly displayed even by the spectator without generating any doubt or suspicion, because the dirty work had occured long time before ; )

4- If you don't like the idea of making an object appear in a weird place, Timeless is still the perfect ending for the opposite, I mean, a disappearing routine! There are several gimmicks that make small objects vanish, I could even state that the number of ways to vanish something is bigger than the number of ways to make them reappear! Master João demonstrates it with bare hands, using a simple (yet perfect) French Pass, but if you like gimmicks and ingenious devices like me, you have PLENTY of options to accomplish the vanish. Say you vanish a ring using your favorite method (I won't say mine ; )). And now? Will it appear from a kid's ear? No.....why not inside a watch inside 2 boxes IoIoI !?

5- a praise who deserves to be praised- more than being a clever inventor and a talented magician (he showed me CRAZY things live at his store in Porto), João Miranda is an almost 24h available person, who you can count on asking questions (even the silliest ones), solving issues, debating ideas...always with a refined politeness and a very kind way of treating customers- extended to his workaholic and dexterous team. We all know and agree that, in all jobs, a good customer care and a humane relationship between two parts is very important, no matter who the customer is or what profession you execute.=======That's why we also LOVE Penguin Magic!!! ; D

Believe me, the "wow" moment is guaranteed with this illusion, even in the toughest wife tests. This is not a cheap product, but it shouldn't be, because you are purchasing a totally new, original and technological way of performing an old plot. And even if you don't like coins or rings magic, the object you can use is only limited by your imagination, as long as it fits a watch case.

Congratulations João!! And thank you for another GREAT contribution to the fascinating magic world. You did it again. Obrigado!

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Dec 18th 2018 4:32am
My mistake, sorry: line 7-"functional"/ nº5- "a praise for whom..." ; )

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Dec 20th 2018 5:59pm
Are you guys cousins or something ?

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Dec 21st 2018 8:21pm
Can I wear it as a functional watch??

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Dec 21st 2018 9:01pm
Yes, you can use it as a normal watch.
No, we are not related.

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Dec 29th 2018 1:11pm
Same people

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