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> Modern Transportation by David Regal

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Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on February 18th, 2019
This effect is very sneaky, very clean and amazing. The sneaky thing you add, you will probably already have around the house, if not, just another trip to the Dollar Store. It’s highly interactive presentation gets more than one of your spectators involved … really nice. There are no difficult moves to learn, no sleights, you just handle the deck very casually and hand it out to your spectator. Now the deck is in their hands for the rest of the trick, they cut the deck, fan the deck, touch the cards, all the work is already done. After the card transposition is shown, they are still holding the deck, they can check out the deck all they want, there is nothing there to find other than the card they saw go into your pocket. David is sharing with you one of his favorite tricks that you can add to your arsenal. Once you learn the trick, you will kick yourself on how simple this is, you will be performing this very soon with little practice. Leave your spectator with the signed card as a souvenir of one of the most amazing things they will have seen and ‘experienced’. This can be done close-up, strolling, parlor over even on stage. Don’t worry about bad angles, there are none. Get this, you can’t go wrong, this is a 5++++ star. Love it!

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Feb 19th 2019 9:19am
Just watching it, I'm just guessing, but would I be right to say that it doesn't finish quite clean (the spectator's card cannot be left behind as a souvenir)? Nor does it start clean (wouldn't want to let the spectator shuffle the deck immediately before s/he selects a card?

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Feb 19th 2019 1:25pm
You can give them their card as a souvenir.

As for the start of the trick, I frequently add what is needed to a deck in use.

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Feb 25th 2019 11:48am
Mr Regal says it himself--you do indeed finish clean, and both cards and the deck can be examined after. Mr Regal doesn't go over getting the "necessary" into the deck on the fly, but any card worker who has even basic skills and knowledge can figure it out if you want to do it that way. But even that isn't necessary--setup and reset are a breeze, and the spectator sees and handles the deck and has no reason to suspect that it is anything but shuffled and normal.

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