The greatest mind-reading device ever. Portable, easy to use, and DEVASTATING.

> NOW! iPhone Version (Online Instructions) by Mariano Goni Magic

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Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on February 28th, 2019
So I’m not new to tech magic. If you own anything from Marc Kerstein you know it’s good... But Mariano has come up with something so cool and easy to do. It will leave your audience baffled. It’s clean it’s easy, it’s powerful... What else can you ask for? BUY THIS!

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Mar 02nd 2019 2:21pm
Is this a similar concept as Inject 2.0?

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Mar 02nd 2019 2:32pm

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Mar 04th 2019 11:22pm
Now! Offers way more than Inject offers. And the method alone will make you smile for a long time .

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Mar 05th 2019 4:20pm
Seems like it’s the other way around that with inject 2.0 you can do more, with now you can predict what someone is looking at in the room ...??

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Mar 06th 2019 7:19am
you can have them write something down or draw and then they can think about anything.
inject 2.0 predictions are much more limitted because for them to be fair and look good you need a ehlper.
but if you want mind reading and not predictions then inject offers more

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Mar 06th 2019 2:21pm
I live in Belgium and speak Dutch, is this language a barrier for this trick? Can the predicted thing appear in dutch on their phone without me translate anything from eng to dutch i dont know...

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Mar 09th 2019 9:23am
How is this out of stock if it’s an app???

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Mar 10th 2019 8:50pm
ms1206: I have inject2.0, but am not sure what an ehlper is (?) Can you (or someone) pls clarify?

In any event, this effect looks good and although I also don't understand how it's out of stock if it's an app (ethical or legal infringement on inject?), I hope it will be available again soon.

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Mar 11th 2019 3:02pm
For those who don't have it, its not an app on Apple App store. The app is in developer mode and this package comes with information on how to access that. I asked Mariano why its like that and he said thats what Murphys Magic (magic distributor) suggested ahich to be honest is a foolish idea. For android its an app but I don't know whether the tutorial will be provided with the app. I suggest just get this package from wherever its available. It actually is a fantastic effect completely different method from inject. I don't know why Rostami keeps itching on magic cafe when someone other than him gets a very cool method to perform mind reading or predictions.

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Mar 11th 2019 7:34pm
I agree with is a downloadable app for a phone "out of stock"??

Weird, and lame.

Why is it not available in the app store? That means there is no guarantee it'll be compatible or supported by Android or Apple (depending on which you choose) in the future.

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Mar 22nd 2019 9:20pm
ROSTAMI IS JUST LIKE ALL OF The POOR people WHO VoteD FOR CLINToN!!!! It’s over, Get over it!!

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Mar 28th 2019 7:48am
mephisto3: yeah sorry abou that. i meant to write helper or an accomplice

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