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Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on May 7th, 2019
I knew immediately the principle involved here from Bob Hummer, Patrick Redford, and Green Neck. What I couldn't figure out was how exactly Jan was accounting for something that you need to know. Now I know--editing. LOL

OK, the video isn't fair, but I loved the presentation. I've never used this plot before because I didn't like all the unexplained procedure. Jan has that all figured out so that it makes sense. And while his approach to that other "thing" is bold and cheeky or requires p******, I find that it's much easier to remember what you have to do. You have to focus--and practice--but Jan's way is much easier.

I understand the dilemma here. If Penguin didn't edit the video at a crucial point, then folks like me with an understanding of the underlying principle would be replaying it and figuring it out. I get it. Even though I knew how this went, I still think that for the small price, Jan's excellent presentation and subtleties are worth it. And if you don't know the classic method, this is a must if you are into impromptu mentalism.

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May 10th 2019 3:21am
And I was hoping we could keep it secret... :)

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May 09th 2019 3:42pm
I'm confused.
I like the presentation. Initially, things seemed straightforward.
But too much remained unclear.
There is a reviewer's claim that Penguin failed to reveal the secret, using an edit.
Other reviewers, who say they know the secret, say something was left out of the video.
I think if we will all be patient, answers will emerge in Robert Mueller's nationally-televised testimony later this month (May 2019) before the US House Intelligence Committee inside the Capitol building in Washington, DC.
(Millions of Americans watch live, explosive testimony of Special Counsel Robert Mueller.
Unknown to most observers is identity of the man sitting behind Mueller, Mr. Jan Forster, creator of voice testing -- a method of unmasking spies

Committee Chmn. Rep. Jerome Nadler (D) asks Mueller the crucial question: "Mr. Mueller, did Attorney Gen. William Barr's testimony, in which he omitted the, uh...the predicate...Sir, at the end of the day, did it rise to the level of obstruction of justice?"

Mueller: "Mr. Chairman. Mr. Barr had been advised by German national, Jan Forster, who also met twice with George Papadapoulos and Carter Page with the predicate of "voice testing." Plainly put, voice testing is semantic confusion -- done all the time in the nation's capital.
That is why none of us knows what we are talking about.
I do not find this inconsistent with the manner of speech rampant in the US government, especially the FISA court. Therefore, I'm going on vacation. Thank you and goodbye."

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