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Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on April 7th, 2010
Here's the down low. I've gone through a couple of different IET (invisible elastic thread) such as Silk Worm Thread (CLEAR) and Infinity Thread V3 - and I have to say of all the kinds of IET that I have tried, PET 2.0 is the best in many areas:

-It's strong (Strong enough to lift a metal fork or glasses without breaking)
-It's VERY invisible. Not shiny like other threads. More of a flat black which is really nice.
-You get a TON of it.
-It's great for making loops with. You can keep a loop made out of PET 2.0 on your wrist the entire day while using throughout the day - and as long as you yourself don't break it by lifting something too heavy for it; the loop will be able to be used for many days without even removing the loop.

Enough about the tread, let's get on to the Million Dollar Knot. The Million Dollar Knot is basically a method for tying your own loops instead of buying them pre-made. By making your own loops you can save a ton of money because pre-made loops are pretty expensive. The method taught in the ID (Instant Download) is kind of confusing and hard to follow, especially if it's your first time working with IET. You're gonna have to watch the video a couple of times to get it down.

But don't despair! If you are not satisfied with the method taught in the ID, in the Penguins Only forum, Penguin Member - CaptainQ has posted a sticky containing a much simpler method which I and many other members have found to be much easier than the one supplied by Penguin. It's fast, easy, and makes good strong loops!

The effects taught in the ID are really cool! They are:

-Haunted Deck: A really simple haunted pack which freaks the daylights out of people! Uses a normal pack of cards.
-Crawling Fork: Make a fork crawl on the floor by using your PK powers! Really cool and simple.
-Card from Glass: A rising card effect which happens in a cup and you can be a foot away when it happens! Very cool and easy.
-Fork From Glass: Hand your spectator a cup with a fork in it. The fork slowly rises out of the cup and falls onto the floor. It all happens in their hands, and you can be like a foot away when it happens! Really cool and totally examinable.
-The Pen: Make a pen fall off the table. Not so cool, but not too bad either.

Overall, I highly recommend this product to anyone looking to get into loops. The thread is really good quality and even if you don't like the method taught in the ID, you always have a second choice in the PO Forums. My only complaint other than the method, is that you have to be REALLY careful with the thread because it's very easy to loose the end of the thread on the spool if you're not careful. But this is true with all other IET on spools. You just have to be careful when taking thread off the spool, that's all.

I only gave 4 Stars because I wasn't so fond of the method taught in the ID, but other than that - I highly recommend this product!

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Sep 07th 2015 10:38pm
Do you have a link to the other method, I can't seem to find it in the forum

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Mar 14th 2016 3:55am
I'm also looking captain q's method....

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