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> Pandora's Box by Jay Sankey

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Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on December 21st, 2012
this is still a great piece of magic. With a good presentation and showmanship this will make a good addition to my existing routines and sets.

The only down fall is the box can not be shown empty to some extint. You can show all sides of the box with clever handling. I was looking for a way to show an empty card box for an effect I already do (silk vanish to card box), and thought this might be the way to go. I bought it when it was on Penguin's Cool Box special for around 2 bucks,so I figured Id give it a shot. Even though it did not acomplish what I wanted it to do, after watching the dvd with Sankeys teaching of it, I was excited that I had bought it.

I have to admit that I was not a big Sankey fan. I always seen his stuff on penguin, and the sheer amount of material he sells made me think he was just an inventor trying to make a buck. I stand corrected, Sankey has put together a real gem with this one, with some real world pratical applications for the ordinary card box.

Sankey, much to my surprise, is actually a great teacher and presents his real world ideas with clarity. Slieght of hand with this effect is minimum at best. If you can work a TT, perform a switch, or finger palm a coin, you can do Pandoras Box with little problems. Oh, and Sankey goes on to teach some simple sleghts for beginners in the DVD. I really liked his mercury card fold, and he teaches it very well. I really got my moneys worth with this one, though I wouldnt pay the 20 bucks its going for now.

About the gimmick. What can I say, I see it lasting a very long time. In fact once you get the idea of how the gimmick works and do need to replace it,you can very easily make your own.

Over all, Great product, minimal slieght of hand and excellent teaching and concepts.I cant beleive I got a great peice of magic for 2 dollars, thats just unheard of now a days. Peace!!

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Aug 11th 2018 5:32pm
Jason, Hi. Actually, there IS a way to show the back of the deck without as much need for 'special handling'. I've thought of a gimmick because . after also purchasing on Cool Box, I had the same problem. I'm only at the Beta testing phase, and I'd like to either use the effect myself or market the effect as an add-on tp Sankey, or possibly as a stand-alone trick in the future, so I can't divulge the details.
However I'll simply offer this little hint; You DON"T have to be left with the deck in exactly the same condition that Sankey suggests. Just think a step or so forward: What would it take to have the deck APPEAR un-touched & examinable, at least from a few feet way?
You have to think a bit outside the box (no pun intended) on this one. I also wish Sankey had thought a few more steps ahead, but the extra needed "gimmick" can be made at home with only an extra deck and a tiny bit of Arts & Crafts on your part in perhaps 15 mins. Doing that elevates a "good" trick to a "Great" one. Hope I've perhaps given you a strong enough hint that, after thinking about it for a while, steers you in the right direction. - - JK

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