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> Melting Point by Casshan Wallace

Beautiful trick but hard to see Report this review
Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on May 22nd, 2013
Just received this in the mail yesterday so watched last night. This is for sure one of the nicest, cleanest, slowest band penetrations I have ever seen. Casshan has really done a nice job creating this little masterpiece.

However, the filming is TERRIBLE. Everything is SO dark, it's very hard to see throughout most of the DVD what Casshan is even doing. Camera angles also really lack. He's doing stuff that you have NO idea what he's doing - no camera angle covering 'move'.

I will have to watch this several times to really figure out the handling. While Casshan does his best to explain what he's doing, the camera is not helping him, and I can't figure why the background is so dark.

The sound is fine; but the visibility of what is happening has much to be desired. Casshan also includes some bands with the DVD. Haven't counted them to see how many, but am guessing 2 pair, different colors.

This DVD should really be reshot, with better lighting and better camera angles. To have such a powerful Rubber Band effect taped so poorly, with today's technology, just isn't right. And those who have already purchased this 'poorly' shot DVD, should receive a FREE copy of a better shot DVD. Just my opinion.

I gave this 4 stars because of the poor lighting and poor, missing camera angles and again, like Rubber Thru Hand by Dan, a little pricey at 20 bucks, for one trick. 9.95 would have been very fair.

Melting Point deserves better production quality than this guys.

I'm looking forward to getting this figured out. OH, Casshan also offers some nice personal touches on Rubberband thru finger and the classic Crazy Mans Handcuffs. Very nice extra touches. If you are a beginner with Rubber Band magic, I would not recommend this, due to the poor lighting and camera angles. If you are a rubber band enthusiast with some experience, I'm sure you'll figure the moves out. Thanks Casshan for sharing this. Once you figure out the setup involved, which can probably be done quickly on the 'offbeat'. Casshan actually suggests doing a few other band tricks first and doing this last.

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Oct 18th 2015 9:29pm
From your review this should have gotten two stars. A great trick but it must be very visible, and taught very carefully and slowly. Four stars is too high, especially with your review.

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