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Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on November 3rd, 2013
The material is without question marvelous. Unfortunately, for me, the explanations were a waste of time since I could barely make out what Peter was talking about due to his British dialect. Having a hearing loss certainly adds to the unintelligibility of this lecture, but I must promise myself to never again download a lecture that I should have realized from the get go was going to be difficult to understand.
I am still searching for a reference to a principle he mentions in the first effect that he does. He mentions Annemanns Practical Mental Effects (according to him) and he names the principle (sounds like Shler Haswin principle). Damned if I could understand what he said nor could I find anything close to it in the books "effects" or "magic". Aside from this, the rate at which he explains things makes it even more difficult to understand. I'm happy that the pdf of "Isabella's Star" is included as most reviews say that it alone is worth the price of the lecture. At least for me, this will have to be the saving grace.

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Feb 09th 2015 3:49pm
As a fellow hearing loss sufferer, I would strongly echo any request for captioning/subtitles. Many of my DVD's have rubbish sound quality for hearing aid wearers. And no captioning seems to exist anywhere. Please, Magi everywhere, stick them on, how hard can it be?

His accent is Northern England, I would guess around Yorkshire. It's not tough for an Englishman but some words will get by.

Arthur Martello, I bet he would offer to translate the tough words, I would too, but I can't hear them! Us Englishmen are generally very helpful. As long as you don't call us Britishers!

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Dec 30th 2016 10:26am
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