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Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on January 25th, 2014
You need a PK ring to do this trick. The set does not come with one... BOGUS

Jul 27th 2014 1:39pm
From the creator, Matthew Wright:

You do not need a PK ring for all the effects on the DVD.
The main effects are the floating card, and the note from wallet. You do not need anything at all for note from wallet. The floating has been discussed on this thread is best when used with a PK ring.....but it isn't essential. The anchor itself is a magnet, so anything metal is all thatis needed.

You can use the ring from a key ring if you wanted to.
Or you can, as discussed earlier use a PK blister, or just use a piece of metal inside a plaster. There are many ways to anchor the t-,/£d, but a pk ring is best.

As for is priced similarity to a single trick DVD and you get many things included, the gimmick, the hook up badge, the anchor magnet, thread, pin, wax, sticky dots. I have also loaded bonus routines you can watch for free. The price is very reasonable. It is less than a good quality PK ring. I could have included a PK ring with Horizon, but didn't for a few reasons.

it would have more than doubled the price,
Most people already own one and would resent paying for something they have already
There are many different styles so it would be difficult to please everyone
There are many different sizes so again impossible to suit everyone.
A lot of people bought horizon for the floating note from wallet (which I believe is the strongest effect) it does not require a PK ring. So I would have to charge double the price for. Piece of equipment people were not going to use.

I am truly Sorry you are disappointed with your purchase but to say you need a PK ring for every effect simply isn't true.

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