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> CUT by Ran Pink

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Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on April 25th, 2014
Well, this won't give you blades coming from your knuckles, but it does give you the appearance, of Wolverine's super awesome, power to regenerate his flesh,.. This is truly amazing! Even when you know how it's done, it still amazes YOU (the performer) to see it happen before your eyes! Not a quality you can find often when purchasing magic gimmicks and methods! "Cut" is magical even to the one who bears knowledge of the secret method!

I received mine about a week ago now, and tho I have performed it 3 times to friends and family so far. It is a little unusual to intro, but Ran Pink gives you ways to bring this into play, which makes everything seem more natural. Plus, once you do begin the to perform the effect, it totally takes people's minds off of anything that was going on before you started, and then, the magic takes place, so it's really a non-issue. The pure structure of the presentation will likely make people cringe and close their eyes, and maybe scream,.. You MAY have to get them to look again so they can bare witness to the healing with their own eyes. He does go over ways to get around that in the tutorial, in case you're doing it for the faint of heart, but I personally believe this takes away from the beautiful, eyes wide open, in your face display of the blood disappearing and cut healing itself.


It's like nothing else I've seen. OTHER marketed effects of this nature include cumbersome items to carry around, too much setup, or effect being hidden by the method and therefore not visible enough, inability to reset and repeat quickly, etc,.


It's easy to do, easy to set up, easy to carry on you, and as clean as can be,.. You don't have to turn your hand out of view AT ALL, you don't "wipe" the cut area AT ALL, you (can, and I think should) literally have your "cut', bloody hand WIDE OPEN IN FULL VIEW, from beginning to end!

This is my first time reviewing a product from Penguin Magic, but I believe in this one so much, I just had to :) I pre-ordered this and the day it was stocked, it shipped and arrived in 2 days from the west coast, to the east coast. Thanks Penguin, you guys are the best!

Now all that's left is finding out how much they'll be, and where to get refills. It comes with enough for 200+ applications (which you can use several times I've noticed before reapplying) but I can totally see running out, because I've become addicted to playing with this, even when no one is watching :P

Buy it! Unless you're in Baltimore, cause I don't want anyone else around me doing it too! Haha! Seriously tho, if you like the gore/bizarre genre of magic, this is totally worth every penny, honestly under-priced for this particular secret.

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Jun 24th 2014 1:43pm
Magic Warehouse?

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Jun 28th 2014 8:54pm
YES, I shop there of course! Who are you??

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