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> The Floating Ball (DVD and Gimmick for Ball) by Luis De Matos

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Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on July 1st, 2014
I have always been intrigued with the Floating Ball as many magicians are over the years. This my reason for purchase, and to see if there was new movements and gestures to enhance the artistry of the total effect by the performer.

The DVD is one hour and 5 minutes long. The explanation and act are covered in the first half of the DVD or approximately an half hour. The rest is a very nice speech on the history of the those that have created the Floating Ball and those that have performed it professionally over the years. So it goes rather quickly on the explanation of the routine and giving as it looks to an audience, Then an exposed view with all the movements with text explanations. Finally a non-text exposed view of the routine.

There will be a very large investment to make no matter if you purchase just the DVD or the complete outfit as offered with Mirror Ball and Box.

For those that already own the Don Wayne Floating Ball, it might be of interest, as that is exactly the type of ball that is needed for this hookup and rigging. The box or carrying case has no purpose to create the floating effect, so any box or case can be used.

The thread is a braided kind of line, a little thinner then button thread. On some hookups, it may even sing - do to the braiding in the thread.

Please don't buy this just to see the "Gimmick" as it is only a fishing swivel, but used in a new and unique way. Actually, this whole set-up is the Don Wayne Floating Ball set-up that comes with Don Wayne Floating Ball. The genius that Luis De Matos has done was illuminate needing an assistant to maneuver the ball on stage, the performer is in full control 100%. Pure genius to convert a two man illusion to only the performer being responsible for everything. So it eliminates the 3 pole setup as used by Don Wayne's setup.

What I found missing is his exact set up for his lighting on stage, or any suggested exact lighting information for a performance. So it is left totally to the purchaser to work out the lighting. He does lecture on lighting in general terms and does give resources on his lighting fixture and computerized movable lights, but does not go into detail like he did in the movements of the ball and his relationship to the ball.

There is no hoop involved in this presentation for the reasons given by Luis on the DVD. Luis does provide his music score on the DVD for your use.

As usual with Essential Magic Collection the quality of the DVD is superior, shot in a green room with picture in picture effects.

This effect as presented and explained is for a "Stage" performance only, but there is no reason that the information contained on this DVD could not used to enhance anyone's parlour or banquet hall presentation of the Floating Ball. This could easily enhance other methods as well with some creative thinking. Like taking Mike Danata's Floating Golden Stick and combining with some of the ideas given on this DVD. Mike Danata actually replaced the Golden Stick with a Ball and presented a wonderful cabaret routine.

Another important resource for stage and parlour presentations is The Invisible Thread Manual by Ralph Wichmann.

All these resources could and should be combined for the non-grand stage magician to present a version of the Floating Ball.

There you have it! Highly Recommended for anyone who is interested in the Floating Ball presentation. You will gain insight, knowledge, and along with movement and gestures putting you in the professional performer class.

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Dec 13th 2014 4:41pm
I am really thinking of buying The Floating Ball. But i don't know witch one to choose DVD with the Ball or just only the DVD+Gimmick version. Because i can make Disco ball at home so i don't want to buy the Ball vesion. I think that bying DVD+Gimmick will safe me a lot of money. I just don't know if the gimmick can be attached to it or not and in the DVD does he teaches how to use the gimmick to other things or u just can only use it with that disco ball

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