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> Water Works by Uday Jadugar and Paul Harris

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Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on October 6th, 2014
I agree that the gimmick is well crafted for loading and the presentation. The effect is fantastic!!!

But I am also having problems with being able to finish clean. The method for retrieving the gimmick is not working for me either.

Such a shame. If this can be corrected to finish clean, this will get 5 stars.

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Oct 07th 2014 7:09am
its a shame as you said, I hope they will fix it for us. I am having the same problem. completely agree with you

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Oct 07th 2014 8:55am
Hello gentlemen please contact me directly at, it is possible you just have to give the cap a slightly stronger twist at the end. Please email me, would be happy to walk you through it and have a look at your gimmicks.

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Oct 07th 2014 11:54am
I will be contacting you as well Bro.

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Oct 07th 2014 3:54pm
Unfortunately I have the same issue but when I gave my cap a slightly stronger twist it caused a stress fracture on the cap. Now it will pick up the gimmick but will not let it go. I have sent you an email concerning this as well Bro.

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Oct 08th 2014 9:48pm
Can you tell me if your gimmick worked OK after you contacted Bro?

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Oct 12th 2014 1:26am
It would be nice if you could update your review now that a solution for the problem has been found and let us know if it worked. If you're unsure what I'm talking about, there are threads on Magic Cafe with the solution involving a pinch.

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Nov 04th 2014 11:18am
Greetings Fellow Magi.,
I wrote to 'Mr.De La Fuentes' explaining 'The Problem.'
Within sixteen hours (16-Hours) The kind gentleman sent me a
link to a UTube video that he personally made and uplifted.
He devised a method that is superior to the 'Bang on table'route for folk that have a 'stuck' gimmick.The illusion IS well crafted, but of course the trouble I and I will hazzard a guess most of you kind folk are
encountering,is the gimmick being stuck after pulling it out. As we all are well aware this action needs increased force. Therefore pushing the gimmick further down than originally placed for the 'placement of the gimmick'.
I can only say simlply send this fellow an e-mail and you will be taught the squeeze around the cap method. I apologize for my long wind, I am a Christian magician. Therefore it is my character...
Yours in His service,
Pastor Pete

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Aug 07th 2016 5:51am
Just letting everyone know that due to quality control the getting rid of the gimmick part is now fixed meaning it is totally self contained. as soon as you put the lid on while its upside down you can hand the bottle over to the spectator and show your hands empty and clean with no ditches. Absolutely amazing and thank you so much for fixing this issue. I am so happy with this trick and i literally perform it almost every day whether i'm at a party and someone says show me a trick, i use it as a normal drinking bottle and then perform it and people are completely baffled and always wanna try it themselves and the best part is they can and it doesn't work. Literally had the magic moment your looking for both during the effect and when they try to do it and its perfect for stage too.

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