A mental masterpiece. You know the unknowable, with 100% certainty. https://t.co/SNUF3..

> Contact by Christopher Taylor

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Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on December 19th, 2014
I would suggest combining this with the Webber Wallet for a truly amazing effect. Here is the review I wrote for the Webber Wallet, which also applies to Contact:

This is a great wallet, although a bit expensive. For a truly amazing routine I would suggest combining it with Christopher Taylor's "Contact". First do the Contact routine where, with your back turned, you know the card the spectator has merely thought of. Quite a mind blowing effect by itself, however you are making it even more amazing by after putting the deck you had on the table for Contact, you take it out again as an afterthought. then you take out your Webber wallet. Take out all the bills you have in the wallet, add the total denomination of the bills. Then have the spectator count down to that number in the deck. The card at that number is the card that he thought of in Contact. In my opinion this makes this one of the greatest routines I have every seen.

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Dec 20th 2014 11:14am
In my above review I mentioned combining this with the Weber wallet, however I spelled weber wrong. I spelled it with two bs. If you search webber wallet, it won't come up. The search should be for weber wallet with only one b.

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Dec 13th 2015 2:28am
Very clever idea mossymo for presenting a logical continuation routine that also allows you to ditch that special something. But rather than spending $160 on the Weber Wallet if you manage to even find one since it's discontinued, one might want to consider simply dropping 11 bucks on a Phoenix Brainwave Deck. You will also need an extra matching box to hide the "magic". So after doing the first part of the routine, you pull the deck back out and spread the cards to show that the only face up card in the entire deck happens to be their thought of card, and it has a different color back! The beauty of this double decker deck is that you can show both the front and back of all the cards so that you appear completely clean, it's a much less expensive yet equally powerful climax, and you don't need to introduce any new objects (wallet) - making it appear more innocent.

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