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> Dark Arts by Matt Mello presented by Matthew Johnson

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Verified buyer Pro Privacy ON (login to see reviewer names) on February 17th, 2015
Since I have discovered penguin, this has to be one of my favorite effects - mentalism or otherwise.
As a close up street performer, cards, coins, and money are still my bread and butter. But every now and then on the street or in shows, pulling a true miracle out of your hat will not only augment whatever you've just done, but it will be a life changing EXPERIENCE for the person you performed it for. They won't see it as a trick if you perform it correctly, they will literally view you as something different - and Dark Arts provides everything you need to perform a miracle.
If you are a mentalist and have read Derren Brown, Banachek, Bob Cassidy, Gellar, Osterland - this is still a $10 download you can add to your arsenal and begin using right away and it'll be worth every penny. With that background, you can use this simple technique to employ a plethora of additional psychological twists to your audience, keeping this Dark Arts technique fresh at all times.
If you know NOTHING about mentalism and have never heard of the artists I mentioned, first get this - then immediately google those names! I digress. If you've never even heard the word mentalism, download this NOW. Listen to EVERY word Matt Johnson says in the tutorial, practice on family members, and go perform! If performed correctly, this will be your favorite effect instantly.
I HIGHLY recommend this unique, versatile, impromptu effect that can literally be done anywhere, any time, in front of any audience.

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Oct 31st 2016 9:22am
Is this trick any thing like steam 2.0 . Because I have it I did not want to get it if it uses the same method No need to pay for a trick that uses the method

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Nov 01st 2016 8:02pm
There are no impression devices used for this method.

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